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  1. A guy in the hatchery told me that they are changing their practices and monitoring males sperm to improve fertilization and they think its working, not genetics.

    I think Seafarellin browns were tried once but their survival stunk and DEC dropped the program.

    Charmaster the # of eggs collected is misleading. 1.8 million kings are normally stocked vs 250k coho in new York. 50k Atlantics

  2. Great ideas. I don't ever post but reading this through I had some stupid questions so here goes..... Regarding Alaska kings and cold temperatures.... Kimgs can probably eat in 39 degree water but maybe that's why they stay out in the ocean for 6-8 years? Regarding the idea about more 2 year olds lately in the spawning runs..according to ageing at the hatchery in dec reports from 2010-2013 age 2s did dominate the run but in 2014 age 3s dominated. Age 3s dominated run from 2004-2009. From 96-2003 age 2s dominated and from late 1980s-1995 age 3s again so it changes in periods. Why would this be if genetics had something to do with it.? Regarding the idea that the hatchery could select age3s on the fly during spawning -how could they know the age quick enough to select them if age 2 and 3 fish overlap so much that it's hard to tell them apart by looking at them?. Regarding temperature data from the intake, isn't this in the nearshore and on bottom and would this be indicative of salmon growth? Could size of kings and what ages dominate be related to how many prey are in the lake, how each years fish survive and ,grow, survival of wild fish, differences in pen fish survival and growth, catch rates and how many kings and other predators are in the lake compared to prey, and especially water temperature and length of growing season? Or all of the above? .seems complicated.

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