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    Chad we may have to do a cross-border swap for my parents who are worried about getting stuck in Florida when they head home in about two weeks.  I am still with the Province (Natural Resources and Forestry for the next year) and late Friday they told us to work from home unless we supply essential services.  Very interesting times.


    I heard that king's carry corona virus.  I recommend that Gill T and the rest of you south of the border fish for lakers and perch this year.  To be safe, scare all of the kings (especially the larger ones) to the north side of the lake and we will try to address this health hazard for you.


    Not sure if this is coincidence but I have 85% convinced myself of the following.  When I run out to the BlueZone (10 - 12 miles off shore) on my big outboard and then slow down to 2 mph or so to check my graph, I almost always see a good bunch of hooks within a couple of minutes in the top 30' or so.  My theory is that curious rainbow and coho in the area are attracted by the air bubbles, wake, whitewater, shadow of the boat, etc and come over to check it out.  Unfortunately by the time I set up my small 9.9 engine to troll the hooks generally seem to be gone or are fewer and further between.  Any takers on this one?  Have I deluded myself?  


    At least a few ways to be an observer.  Check out the tournament websites and contact the organizers who can usually set people up on boats as an observers (may put you in touch with an out of town boat who may not know locals), or watch the posts before a tournament when people post looking for observers.  Might also ask folks who fish the tournaments (facebook, this site, etc) if they they need an observer for a tournament or if they know anyone who does.  Once you make a contact or two opportunities come up.  K


    I have learnt a lot through this site and Spoonpullers, Youtube, Keatings books and videos, Best Chance Too videos, Chip Porter's videos, and Great Lakes Angler magazine an the occassional Ontario Out of Doors article.  The LOTSA salmon school and seminars were great to learn and network, as were the Grimsby Tackle Seminars - shout out to Shane and Mark, and many thanks to Mark who talked to me about South Shore fishing on the Canadian side and got me hooked.


    My learning curve skyrocketed when I started to fish with others, on their boats and on mine ... including with Gill-T who invited me down from Canada to fish your side of the lake for my first brown trout a couple of Springs ago, and for some excellent early/mid season salmon fishing last season.  I highly recommend getting out with other fishermen.


    I met four of my current fishing buddies when I was placed on their boat as an observer in the KOTL out of the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, and we have fished together for a few years since then.  They are decades ahead of me so it is great to learn from their experiences and the art they practice on the lake.  Met another fella who became a close fishing buddy at a fishing store, we talked lures and he ended up fishing on my boat boat a few days later, and we have fished his boats, mine and others over the last few years.


    Talking and fishing with folks who do not have the same go to waters that I do, or the same go to methods that I have, has greatly expanded my fishing program.  I am typically a deep water (180 FOW plus) fisherman focusing on spoons and flies, but when fishing with shallow water folks (40 - 90 FOW) who use meat, I have reallly learned a lot.  Also understanding how others think about pre-planning about where to fish has been great.



  6. Jbreeze -

    I fish out of Ashbridges on North Shore. (1) If you can try to pick up a speed and temp probe. I was skunked each of my 6 trips my first year. In my second year with a probe I started to catch fish. There can be huge variations between top speed and cannonball speed. (2) similar story on dipsys. First two years 6 or so foot leads and maybe one fish. Couldn't see the value in running them. Then in third year upped my leads to 12 and 15 feet and have caught a bunch of nice fish. I also stopped running colored dipsys and run black ones or a smaller clear plastic one. Some folks run 30' leads and have to hand balm in the line. I am going to try that next year (or maybe end of this season). (3) I tend towards longer leads behind cannonballs. I start at 20 plus feet in morning and on clear days or no waves or if only fishing 30 or so feet below surface I may run leads as much as 75' behind ball.

    Other than fishing in arctic waters in May for brown trout (crazy cold) this is year four and I haven't been skunked this year. Lots of tips from folks, went out on their boats, they came out on mine and I observed for the king of kings tourney a few times.

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