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  1. hopefully it'll freeze soon, thank you Charlie p.
  2. Ontario frozen solid yet? I'm planning on going out this Saturday with a few friends. Weather safe? I wanted to try to go for lake trout this year. How far out and how deep is Ontario Frozen over? Any good places to go out around braddocks bay, irondequoit bay, or the genesee river?
  3. Thanks a lot guys that's what I was wondering. Where's a good icefishing spot if there's no ledges, bluffs, points, etc? There's only one big flat.
  4. Hey thanks guys! Sean Youngblood, what number is braddocks bay? I couldn't find it.
  5. If anybody knows a good site to get contour/topo maps let me know. Looking for new places to fish, preferably braddocks bay. I've been trying to learn more about boating in general also, thanks guys. FF
  6. Need to know as soon as possible if ice is safe to fish on Braddocks bay near the boat launch?
  7. I will do do that gill t, and thanks for the feed back capt. Vince.
  8. Thanks tlr426! I'll think about it since it's not a nessesicty. Ill pick one up and see how I like it, after alittle thinking of course.
  9. Thank you guys for responding! It sounds like for the most part I should get myself a bait caster. I mostly do everything Gill T described for baitccaster. I also agree with you "bout time" that I'd rather not change up the clutch everytime I switch baits tho? Is a baitcaster worth having for what I do?
  10. I've been fishing with a Spinning Reel all my life and wondered if the Bait caster would make Fishing bass more of a Challenge or easier. I understand Bait casters are more for accuracy than distance, but what are the Pros and Cons of both? Thanks.
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