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  1. On Friday March 5th I had the opportunity to host/participate in the Ontario Sport Fishing Guides Association’s first virtual seminar. I joined Ryan Harrison, Shawn Banks & Shane Thombs and we spent 2hrs online answering on demand questions from anglers across Lake Ontario providing tips and tricks around how we fish.


    The video below is the YouTube version of the seminar. While the video is two hours long I’ve used YouTube’s chapters feature so you can see the questions asked and skip right to that query/answer.


    If you’ve got the time go grab your favourite beverage and sit back and watch these great captains share their knowledge.




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    You guys aren't known to travel much past 200', but I'd bet if you took it to the boarder you'd find plenty of steel and 2yr old Salmon to play with.

    Yup... I played out there quite a bit the last month with good success...


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