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  1. Plastics for me to .  Same plastics as bulletbob mentioned but would add Zoom, and Z-man  plastics to that list .


    I agree with Justin on the suspended walleye .



  2. Im in the market for new downriggers . I thought I had it narrowed down to cannon or scotty, but the magnum metalz downrigger really have my attention.

    Wanted to get some input and pros and cons if anybody is willing to share?

    Back a bit there was some discussion on the magnum metalz but it died off .


    Maybe this is a ford/chevy  argument but would like to hear your thoughts.


    Thank you in advance,


  3. Next year we will have a tackle shop!

    The structure from devils nose to Braddocks is some of the best on the entire lake. That stretch produced 2 19lb browns during the summer derby! We have every species right out front. The Rochester basin is the most under rated section of the entire lake!

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    Delete this! Lol

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