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  1. trouthunter, I use 30lb test. I put about 150yrds on my reel and then tie at least a 20ft Seaguar fluorocarbon 10lb test leader connected to the sea flea with a double uni knot.  For Lake Ontario I use the same setup but use a 17lb test leader. i also use a double uni knot to connect the sea flea to the line that is on my reel. I dont put the sea flee on until the first week in June. Good Luck

  2. NK28's,michigan stingers,dreamweavers,silver streak spoons in greens,orange,and yellow. every day is different with the color. standard and magnum spoons are usually the best. This is what works for me. 

  3. don't totally think about ditching the wire.. yes it can be a pain in the ass but its advantages outweigh it disadvantages. your divers will get deeper with less line out and when the fleas show up they don't stick to the wire like they do to mono or braid. one tip I can give you is let the wire out with the  clicker on. if you do stick with the mono the 40# would probably be the best. good luck. try running one rod with wire until you get use to it. just let it out slow.

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  4. I  pretty much had the same experience as you chinook 35. I fish oak orchard and it seems like the fish are going farther out in lake every year. it seems like i use to fish 150-200ft of water a lot more than i do now.  maybe just more wind events the last couple of years. still great fishing.   the BT spring fishing can be really tough now compared to what it use to be.

  5. suttons in Naples had the bead chain with a clevis to hook the spring clip to  a couple years back. I use them and they worked great. i always wanted to try a seth green rig in lake ontario just to see if they would work. i am sure they would.it would be fun to catch multiple fish on the same line. my dad told me about a time when he was night fishing at Keuka and a guy caught 5 smallmouth all at the same time on a rig.

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