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  1. Haven’t been posting much but today my son caught his best yet!! 25.4lber next year he can be in the LOC! Got him on a red with a blk ladder nk28 dipsy with ring 3 setting out 120 Also picked up a 19lber on 7 color work an orange Uv stinger, and a steel head on the same rig to round out our morning perfect morning with the future of fishing! As always catch and release! We’re coming for them next year for the leader board! IMG_8359.JPG IMG_8356.JPG IMG_8357.JPGIMG_8360.JPGIMG_8361.JPG




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  2. fished the oak today and only two hits. tried everything! fished from 40 out to 135. hardly any marks on the graph. water temp ranged from 46 to 50. tough day for me

    We fished the oak hard too! Out to 200’ 2 strikes jams all me managed and blank screens

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  3. Left I Bay solo at 2:00 pm for a few hours trip . Went Straight out of the bay to 30  feet set two riggers 20&15 and wire out 40. 15 feet rigger goes off right away with an old school NK Black and white with green tape and and a eye . It was quite a battle was in the net once came out made another run but ended up landing it. Found some nice water work back-and-forth east and west through it Mark some fish and bait but could not get another one to go. Here is a pic of the fish let  back to fight another day back to fight another day

    Nice man!! I fish solo too and its a fun challenge with a decent king! Also props for the release keep it up!

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  4. After Mother’s Day dinner dad and I headed out for a quick evening run. Set up In 20’ and got a good sized brown to the boat but then lost it, on a dipsy out 20. Then we got nothing for a while. Trolled north to 70’ and then angles back to the mouth and caught 14lb king on a smaller dispy out 100. In 60 fow. Then a few minutes later got our first FF king of the season on a wire regular dipsy on a 0 setting out 80 in the prop wash. Great way to end a great day!! Thanks mom for being amazing!! IMG_7473.JPG IMG_7474.JPGIMG_7472.JPGIMG_3415.JPG

    That’s chicken Marsala I made for her



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  5. Trolled west out of the mouth at 6am but six running spoon and 4” rapala. Caught 2 browns in the i line planer with blk and gold rapala and lost one more big fish on the same set up. Then boated my biggest brown to date! 13-4! He came on a dipsy down 12 feet with a silver uv stinger. After 7am didn’t move a rod. Tried everything, bumped out farther then back in changed the presentation and quit around 9. But a great (but chilly) morning on the water for sure! IMG_7433.JPG



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  6. Arrived at first light for my first time at the oak.  Trolled 30 to 70 fow until 9:45 with only 2 lakers.
    Decided to try skinny water for browns.  Ran 7-14 fow with shallow sticks and spoons.  We ended up with a laker, a brown, and a king about 15 pounds.  The king was quite the fight on 10 pound line.
    Out of the spread, an F7 Rapala in firetiger accounted for all fish landed.  
    Thanks to benfolkhero from LOU for sharing information with me.  Guys like him are what this site is about.

    Thanks beagler! Nice meeting you! Good report see ya in June

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    Headed west at 6am in 40 fow. Picked up 2 kings and a Laker in 50fow down 30. The weren’t huge but we will take them. 12-15lbs

    Then we caught nothing for 2 hour and as we trolled back to the mouth ended up with a double with a smaller kind and a fat brown! In 30 fow! Super fun morning with the weird wind and water. Lure of the day was dw 3 days at sea IMG_7389.thumb.JPG.1fb0168eb4a48a025c8f6dbde6b28cff.JPGIMG_7394.thumb.JPG.495ff0e8d2269d652a3f6a43b24b9c55.JPGIMG_7390.thumb.JPG.8bf2a8c997f5fa6704db7072324ab7ca.JPG



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  8. If you’re talking about this time of year specifically, try sliding out a little deeper around this time. Usually by 8:30 the sun is up, and fish in 10 FOW have been getting buzzed by boats for 2 hrs. Slide out deeper, get your baits down, and leader-down if the fish are shy.

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    Thanks! I’m setting up in 30-40 fow right of the bat catching salmon. Tomorrow I’ll try heading deeper thanks!!

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  9. When I fish I’m on the water before the sun is up. And we do really well until about 8-8:30 then it turns off! I’m Not sure what I’m doing wrong or not doing right. Or making the right changes to stay on the fish. Any tips would Be very welcome!

    Thanks so much




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  10. Started before the sun was up today and fished west til 9 in 35’-70’ out best depth was 45-55. Went 9-10 with 2 nice Kings and the one we lost was a king on a good run. All spoon bites. 1 on a rigger down 30 and another on a 0 dipsy out 100’ (I live dipsy strikes!) the rest were all lakers. A couple big ones we pulled off the bottoms the others were 5lbers all over the water column. Gotta love any day on the water!! (We realized Wednesday forgot to put on the life jackets after this pic and then quickly put them on. Whoops just too excited to fish lol) IMG_7340.JPGIMG_7343.JPG



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  11. Finally got a flat lake!! Started out at 35’ and got a 15lb king on an black and silver rapala 110’ back on a inline planer and we lost a fish On the same set up a few minutes later.

    Then got another 15lb king on a rigger (first day with my new magnum metalz riggers!!) down 30’ in 40 fow on a wonderbread stinger.

    The we got 2 lakers in a row on a dipsy our 120’ in 60 fow on a dw “three days at sea”

    We cover back in and got of brown in 40 on the same dipsy

    And we ended the day bringing up the riggers and there was a laker on each so I’m not sure why they didn’t release or how far we dragged them lol.

    So we went 7-8 on the Morning so nice to get out! IMG_7309.JPGIMG_7306.JPGIMG_7304.JPGIMG_7305.JPG



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  12. Hello everyone! First post here, so be gentle... I fished solo out of Selkirk (Pine Grove) today and went 0-2. Headed south and ran stingers most of the time fished on weighted flat lines in 8-12 ft at 1.8-2.4 mph. I had zero hits. Moved out and fished 20-22 with lead core and had two fish on briefly. Both on uv cadyshack stinger and both in almost exactly the same location. Surface temp was 43-44 in most areas. Water was variably stained out to about 45 ft.
    I'm by no means a pro when it comes to fishing the big lake and don't have down riggers. I generally fish 2 rods and fish alone, so take this report for what it is. Hope to get back out Saturday, maybe in a different area.
    Tight Lines,

    Welcome!! Thanks for the post. This place is a wealth of info! check in early and often it’s definitely helped me put fish in the boat!

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  13. Maybe this will help.  I asked an ECO at the Greater Niagara Fishing Expo if my sons could take their own limit of fish.  The answer was that as long as the fish were played by them (someone else could net of course),
    then he got his own limit.  This would make me believe he could have his own set of rods.  He did say that he would look differently at it if the child was so young that it would not be reasonably possible for them to play the fish totally by themselves.
    Tight Lines

    Awesome!! Thanks so much! Hes 9 and definitely fights his share of the fish! He will be happy! I guess I better get min a couple more rods

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  14. Hey maybe this is a simple question but I can’t find the answer anyplace so I figure ask the pros!!


    so I was fishing with my father and my son. And we were taking about the “rod limits” we usually fish 6 rods 2 riggers 2 divers and 2 inline planers. I bought my son his first trolling rod (7’ ugly stik big water and Okuma cold water 203) and he likes to run whatever catches his eye right up the gut. Does he get his own “3” rods? So we could fish 9 rods If he’s fishing with us? Or because he’s a kid are we bending the rules have too many rods in the water? Idk if there is an age where they start counting. Thanks for any help!


  15. We had a nice quick morning... I have been trying to catch coho salmon cause they are the best to eat but I’m struggling! I’m like a 99% catch and release guy but I would keep cohos! Caught this nice brown on my dodger fly coho rig lol. Does anybody have any tips to get the browns to stop hitting my coho rigs lol my son says “dad were catching fish who cares” IMG_7121.JPGIMG_7129.JPG



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  16. I bought a used boat (polar kraft outlander 186) and have been loving it! However it came with a kinda older humminbird 688 and it doesn’t have maps in it. So I looked into getting a card for it but it’s 150$! So for a little More I can get a new one! But there are so many options it’s overwhelming. My old boat had a lowrance 4dx on it and I liked it. So I am thinking of staying with lowrance but am open to suggestions or other peoples experiences and wisdom. Thanks for any help!




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