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  1. 7 hours ago, BC FD said:

    I feel a little luckier. We are only getting 8” in Ottawa over the next day.
    I was teasing the wife about going to Oswego fishing in the next few weeks. Our first trip together was fishing in Oswego Easter 1988.
    Not sure where that 30 years went.
    Have to give up on that plan for a little while now.

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    From Ottawa also bud. Was also planning on going for browns in next couple weeks...not sure now.

  2. 14 minutes ago, ifishy said:

    on an inline the pull of the lure/copper/leadcore is directly on the back of the board so you weight it forward to keep it balanced instead of noseing up.  on a big board the pull is on the tow line and thus the inside of the board and forward of center this would tend to pull the nose in towards the boat so you weight the back outside edge to counter balance and get the outside board to dig deeper creating more outward force

    This is the answer I was hunting for. Makes total sense.

  3. Just now, bout time said:

    Move the tow eye back towards the rear of the board more. Also drill some small holes in the bottom of the boards towards the rear and fill them with lead. I used old sinkers. Then epoxy over the lead to seal the holes. This will make the boards sit lower in the water and “bite” more adding them to pull harder and better

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    Thanks for the advice on the tow eye. I'll try that. Don't need any lead...the composite board is plenty heavy and they sit low enough

  4. yeah they are a compound mitre. I copied the Amish board 100%. My boat is only 18' but I have a 6' mast so the line must be at least 8' up.

    I just find that the boards don't pull off to the side like I'd hope and seem to drag behind the boat.

  5. I made of set of composite pvc boards like the Amish ones. (copied my buddies exactly)

    Only thing I'm wondering is could i had a rigid piece of aluminum on one of the skis at the lead edge to extend the angle of attack?

    I'm thinking even adding a lip that is an 1" or 2" longer if they'd pull out more?



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