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  1. Cleaning out my boat lure inventory. I have, for sale, 24 custom painted Rapala Deep Husky Jerks, DHJ12s for sale. All lures are brand new, never seen water. All lures are airbrushed, 3D eyes added then clear coated with 2 part very durable epoxy. Asking $230 shipped TYD. Any questions, please pm me. Buy with confidence. These are proven walleye colors and are extremelty vibrant in color.


  2. I have 20 Offhsore tadpoles for sale, 10 size 1 and 10 size 2. On the attached pic, 1's on the left and 2's on the right. There are 4 custom painted size 1 and 4 custom painted size 2. They are basically new as I have not used them in the water. Asking $125 shipped TYD. I will also included the Plano waterproof box in the sale. Any question, please ask or PM me.


  3. For sale are (16) custom painted Rapala Deep Husky Jerks DHJ12's. All lures are brand new and have never seen water. You will receive two (2) of each color. Colors are as followed from top left down: Mardi Gras, Night Vision, Lake Erie Goby, Ticked off Dalmation. Top Right down: IB Frozen, Hot Antifreeze, Perch, Maui Waui. Asking $144 for all 16 lures which will include FREE shipping. Not willing to separate and colors off individually. Any questions, please ask or PM me.


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