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  1. 10 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    DDT in the water.  Very persistent.  Went thru food web to Cormorants causing egg shell thinning so when they sit on eggs during nesting, the eggs break.  Same for Eagles and other birds.  We are coming out of the DDT era and the birds of prey are back.  


    That is my understanding as well.


    40 minutes ago, Legacy said:

    Make DDT great again!

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    No thanks.

  2. Watched a Nature of Things show on You Tube about the Leslie St Spit in Toronto. The biologists studying the cormorant colony determined that their diet was virtually 100% alewife. The tree huggers thought this was a good thing because the alewives were invasive.  Imagine the consumption lake wide by the flying rats. I can't ever remember seeing a cormorant in the 60's or 70's.

    DDT was why the cormorants were nearly non existent in the 60s and 70s.

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  3. I'm curious as to how the rest of NY would be, primarily financially, if NYC would just go away and be it's own little state.  Does anyone have any references as to how much tax revenue from NYC is used outside of NYC?  And how much tax revenue from outside NYC STAYS outside NYC?

    I’ve looked it up in the past. We’d be free of downstate politics but we’d be a relatively poor state with minimal representation at the federal level.

    It would definitely be win some, lose some.

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  4. Interesting read. Thanks.

    I found it interesting indeed that trib anglers asked to cut creel limits and it was widely supported.

    And every time the folks that have managed this fishery very successfully since the 70’s suggests a cut on the lake side the other special interest group screams and starts throwing around follow the money conspiracy theories.

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  5. I’ve got a Striker 4 in my kayak. Performance-wise I’m happy with it. It does pick up my hardware under the boat. But I’m using it in shallow lakes, not Ontario or the big Fingers.

    Regarding size, the screen is small for all of the data it contains. It won’t have the detail or resolution of a bigger screen because the smaller screen doesn’t have as many pixels available for graphics. It’s fine if you don’t mind getting up close to read it, and aren’t look for precise structure details, but if you want to know what is going on from arms length or greater I would recommend a bigger screen.

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  6. 17 minutes ago, rolmops said:


    the outlet of Lake Eerie is neither controlled nor constant. If the level of the Niagara river goes down because of an additional outlet, more water will come in from Lake eerie to make up for the difference


    It's not an additional outlet though.  It's just a diversion around the Falls.  It is taken from just upstream of the Falls, moved across turbines, and put back in below the Falls.  Those turbines actually slow the water's movement.  If anything, it is a less efficient flow of water, because it has more distance to travel and it has to go through the turbines.

  7. 39 minutes ago, rolmops said:

    I am not so sure about that. A bucket with three holes empties out faster than a bucket with 2 holes....The same goes here. The tunnel opening will probably increase the current speed in the river just a bit. There will not be any less water going over the falls or through the turbines. The tunnel is just an additional path for the water to take and there is no way to control the amount of water that enters the river on the Eerie side


    If it were simply a hole that would make sense, but it's not.  There is still only one source for that water, the outlet of Lake Erie.  If you want to use an analogy, think of Niagara as a hose draining Erie.  The tunnel is an additional branch on that hose, not an additional hose.


    The source for that tunnel water is the same source that feeds the Robert Moses Power Project.  The water for both is diverted from the same location.  If that water wasn't being diverted to the tunnel and to Robert Moses, it would be going over the falls.


    It is a tunnel leading to turbines.  It is actually a higher resistance to flow than if the water stayed in the river channel. 

  8. The water flow into Ontario doesn’t change though. Its the sum of what goes over the falls, through the power turbines, and through that tunnel. You can change the ratio of where the water is moved, but the total flowing into Ontario is the same. They all outlet into Ontario.

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  9. Even if the season closed during Fall through Spring the snaggers and poachers would still get their share. How many DEC officers are in each region?  And how many great lakes tribs are in each region?  Let alone other waterways and woodlands.  It's not possible for the state to give the tribs enough priority to police this effectively.


  10. 3 hours ago, justtracytrolling said:

    I rig several rods with a variety of choices and the one with the gulp dries out if you aren't casting it non stop. Or if you out run 10 minutes it dries out, and God forbid you leave it on a jig when you are done fishing you have to cut it off. Plus the gulp stinks! Gulp goes bad if it sits long periods of time. I buy huge amounts of everything I use so I don't run out and that's not an option with gulp. Don't get me wrong gulp flat out catches but the kitech is at least as good

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    Interesting.  I've got some 2-3 yr old Gulp baits and I haven't noticed any spoilage issues.  They still catch fish.

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