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  1. I think it would be quite conceivable that a computer program could be developed to pair with sonar and in real time measure the amount of bait showing vs the total space on the screen. We have technology now in our over-the-counter fish finder that allows us to map out the bathymetry of the bottom contours as we pass overhead. It would prove much cheaper and safer than trawler hauling. 

    You are basically describing a computer model. Models need to be compared to actual scientific observation and adjusted based on observed data to be worth using for prediction and analysis. If you guys don’t trust the scientific observations now, how in the heck can you trust the computer model?

    Two words. Weather forecasts. There is a tried, tested, adjusted, and tested again model using state of the art sensors and radar systems. How much do you trust your weatherman?

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  2. Gulp baits work pretty well.  Not as well as live bait, but pretty well.  The problem I find with bluegills in particular is they like to nip off the tails of the minnow baits and once the tails are nipped off they aren't nearly as good at attracting bites.  Go with the smaller baits.


    If I am running jigs under a slip float, ice fishing jigs with bug bodies fished along weed lines work really well.

  3. 59 minutes ago, justtracytrolling said:

    The blueprints are already out...the printers themselves are legal.... sounds like any criminal operation isn't going to be stopped with more legislation....


    No, they won't be stopped, but with legislation they can be jailed when caught.


    Murder isn't stopped by legislation either, but we've made it illegal so a murderer can at least be punished.

  4. Wrong. It is against the law to manufacture firearms without a license check the BATF website

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    I think we are saying essentially the same thing. The only thing stopping you from legally making a firearm in your basement is ATF paperwork.

    My concern with 3D printed guns is, manufacture of a firearm took a fair amount of skill in a trade and expensive equipment. With the advent a 3D printing, all you need is an appropriate printer and a data file. It opens it up to pretty much anyone.

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  5. The first rule of Silver Lake seems to be don’t talk about Silver Lake.

    I’ll be there middle of next week for the first time. Ontherise, I’ll let you know how I do, but it won’t be in time for your trip this weekend.

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  6. The Niagara River probably has better access than the Lake Ontario shoreline.  ArtPark is an excellent choice.  Also, there is good shoreline fishing at the Robert Moses hydroelectric power station.  There is a parking area off rt 61 on the Power Authority service road.  There is a pier/dock for fishing access as well.

  7. 1 hour ago, Pequod1 said:

    There is a private pay launch at the north end of February Oatka st, rat 10.  They do have a ramp.  You would have to paddle down the creek a ways before getting to the lake. I would google it to check if you would like to paddle that distance first.  Other than that, south end, state launch.



    Looks like it is on the silver Lake Inlet.  Is that the one?

  8. Bought and rigged up a kayak for fishing. I’m hoping to get it out on Silver Lake next weekend. Is there any launch access on the north side of the lake, or am I limited to launching from the state park at the south end? I am launching from a trailer and want to use a ramp. It’s a big, heavy kayak.


    Will be my first outing on Silver Lake. Any general recommendations for where to start? Mostly interested in perch/panfish but certainly wouldn’t complain if a walleye found its way onto my stringer.



  9. I'm not nearly smart enough to understand what has changed to create conditions where we have regular mass killings, but I am smart enough to know that what was OK in 1975 simply isn't working anymore and changes need to be made.


    The cynic in me believes that we are being used as pawns for those who stand to profit from the status quo. 

  10. 7 hours ago, JJBat150 said:

    Regarding homemade trailers - I've registered 2 trailers as homemade.

    1st time - Had the trailer weighted empty on a certified scale, and presented most of the receipts (axle, tires, steel frame materials, etc.) to the DMV for their review approval.  They didn't care about what was purchased, only that the sales tax was paid on materials I used.  Quick and easy process and was out the door ~ 20 minutes.


    2nd time - Same process, same DMV office, a few less receipts - Got into a disagreement with the DMV clerk because she didn't feel I had enough receipts to justify the trailer's existence.   I ended up leaving that DMV office, went to another DMV office in a neighboring county with the same paperwork and was out the door again ~ 20 minutes.


    IMHO it's not about what materials you used to build the trailer, it's about NYS getting the biggest cut of sales tax they can.


    From the DMV website - https://dmv.ny.gov/registration/sales-tax-information





    Thanks for the detail.  Do you happen to recall what receipts the first office wanted to see that you didn't have?

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