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  1. I am working on a trailer to haul my kayak around.  I need to ask a few questions of anyone who has experience with registering a homemade trailer in NYS.  Specifically regarding documentation.  Like most homemade trailers, there is alot of scrap and scavenged parts involved.  I know the DMV requires me to provide receipts for materials that were purchased.  Before I get too far down a hole, I''d like to get some feedback from folks that have done this.  What am I going to need for receipts, and what happens if I don't have what they want to see because it was scavenged and spare materials?


    PM is fine for the conversation as well.

  2. 5 hours ago, jimski2 said:

    Cityots are people who bought some land from a farmer and built a home to be free of the industrial smoke and poor families. They still work in the city and drive an hour each way to work. That is their desire and they want to communicate with wildlife there. But their presence has taken access from hunters and we now wonder why the kids are stuck in the house.

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    Call me a cityot then for wanted to invade your environs and ruin your hunting opportunities.....:mooning:


    Here's my take as a cityot who doesn't hunt much anymore.  I moved into a rural county 15 years ago.  I assumed that I'd find lots of opportunities to hunt closer to home.  What I found was, state land nearby that has 5x as many hunters as deer on it, and farmland owned by farmers that either lease out the hunting rights for more dollars than I am willing to pay for a shot at venison, or only give permission to family.  Not criticizing as I'm sure I'd do the same if I was in their boat.  But it is what it is.


    And fishing is generally an expensive hobby.  This is a forum for Lake Ontario.  Fishing Lake Ontario is a very expensive hobby.  You have to have a boat, a vehicle to haul it, and a place to store it.  Nevermind the thousnands spent on gear and fuel.  I'm betting the demographics on this forum are mostly middle aged and older.  Established folks with disposable income.  With the way income has stagnated over the last couple of decades, disposable income to spend on boats and all the equipment needed is in fewer and fewer hands. No surprise to me that license sales are down.


    I guess it is easier to blame the guy that moved out of Cheektowaga though.


    The world is changing.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  My son doesn't have the interest in outdoor stuff that I had.  We fished.  We hunted.  It wasn't for him.  I don't think there is anything wrong with it, and I don't think it is necessarily bad.  I do wish I had him as a partner when I fish/hunt, but if it doesn't interest him, it doesn't interest him.  No point in blaming anyone.  We found other things to do together.

  3. When I was shopping for a vehicle last time, I stopped looking at Jeeps when I was told that they don't recommend putting any kind of boat on the roof.    I went with a GMC puickup, then put on a Jerico cap with a Yakima system.
    Take a look at a Native watercraft kayak, a friend has one and it is quite a little boat!,

    Did the dealer tell you that? Did they say why?

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  4. Not going to primarily troll, but do plan on an electric trolling motor so I have the option.  It will mostly be a panfishing rig.  Trolling for eyes or maybe browns is a secondary item.


    I guess I don't see the value in a pedal drive if I'll have the electric option as well.  Correct me if I am wrong here.......


    And I will definitely be trailering whatever I get.  I'm not putting a 80+lb rig on my Grand Cherokee roof solo.

  5. Fishing out of a kayak

    Not sure where to put this.  Figured it would get the most looks here.


    I'm in the market for a fishing kayak and I am reaching out to the other kayak anglers on here to get some feedback, advice, and their experiences.


    Intend to use it mostly in the western Finger Lakes for walleyes and panfish, Lake Alice for panfish, I Bay for perch in the Fall is a good possibility, Erie canal fishing trips, tribs for browns in the Fall.  Depending on how comfortable I get with it, near shore trolling for browns in the big lake on calm days is a wish as well.  It will be rigged with a depthfinder.  About 90% chance I'll get a trolling motor for walleyes on Silver/Conesus/Honeoye.


    I'm a heavy guy, about 240lbs.  It's not an athletic build, lol.  I know that is a consideration.  And right now I'm probably weighting stability above most everything else in my decision.  I'm not one of those guys that brings all the gear he owns so I don't need tons of storage.  And I don't expect to bring more than 2-3 rods on a trip. My trips won't be 5 mile trips unless I'm trolling, and the electric motor will handle that.  I don't fish in questionable conditions.  I'll want to stand up and stretch my back now and again, but standing while fishing isn't a main priority.  I'm not looking for a pedal boat.  I want to paddle.


    I owned a 16' aluminum canoe for a long time that I fished out of.  Got rid of it 15 years ago because I didn't want to move it when we bought a new house.  I have paddled kayaks in the past, but, like the canoe it was 15 years in the past.  I didn't like the way the canoe handled solo, and I sometimes got frustrated with it in the wind.


    Spent a good bit of the afternoon at Oak Orchard Canoe yesterday and got some good information there.  Got to eyeball and get a feel for a bunch of boats.  I've got some favorites in mind.  the Jackson yaks are damned nice, Coosa HD in particular, but the Mayfly looks like a terrific platform as well even though it was designed primarily to be a fly fishing boat.  Nu Canoe Frontier 12 is on my short list.  I think I'm talked out of the Pelican Catch 120, but I'm open to being talked back into it.


    Long-ish post but I figured I'd try to answer most of what would get asked right upfront.  Hoping to hear some pros and cons of the models the rest of you are fishing out of.  And maybe some thoughts on things that aren't usually considered.


    thanks in advance.

  6. @ Garry.


    Yes there is a difference.  The difference is he ran a business using illegal means..  Whether it is Bill Saiff baiting ponds or Enron using illegal accounting practices, If you are using illegal means to run your business it should be expected that you will be judged harshly.

  7. Small jigs are usually a good option.  I like to tip them with Gulp minnows.  They have 1" and 1.5" sizes that are great for perch fishing.


    One of these days I am going to try drop shotting trout flies.  I would imagine that nymph imitations would be deadly along weed lines.


    When perch are really active, they'll hit on alot of artificials that you wouldn't expect, crankbaits and inline spinners for example.



  8. Pretty similar experience at the mouth of Oak Orchard creek this weekend. Lots of baitfish around the mouth of the creek. I assume they are alewives. The bass and perch fishing was unreal for the first few hours of the morning. Once the sun got up high everything shut down though.

    The fish were gorging on bait fish. Every fish was spitting up bait while they were fighting.

    Seemed like it was starting to slack off today.

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  9. I'd feel alot better about this if it was a straight up effort to reduce government spending.  But it looks to me like the moneys not spent here will be diverted into significantly increasing our military spending.  And I don't see that as justified right now.  If we've got a choice between spending it on improving the lakes or more military spending, I'll take the former right now please.

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