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  1. Running a Lowrance Hook7, on the sonar display i get fine diagonal lines across the screen, is this from running the transducer cable along side all the power cables. Also i loose bottom and display while moving at 15 mph is this normal.

  2. Ok, called Lowrance for the fifth time, spoke with another different tech person. Finally  got someone that knew what they were talking about. Cmap has a card that should work, navionics doesn't support the older machines. Drove to Connecticuit to Bridge marine $125 later headed home with a possible fix. heading out this morning to see if it's finally fixed. Also found out the tech i spoke with in the fall , had me do things that wiped my navionics card clean. 

    Will update on end results.

  3. Spoon fed, It has to be a micro card and from what Navionics said it has to be, MSD/SD US East

    This was from their service tech, John who sounded like he was from India, my call even had that long delay like it was an overseas call, very dissapointing

  4. Andre I hear what your saying but  Navionics says they have nothing that would work and Lowrance says they don't support the unit because it's too old and cant be serviced or supported by them. Super great customer service and support. Seems companies just don't want to go the extra mile, they just want you to keep spending and buy new. 

  5. i bought the unit in 2018, thanks for the help.

    A card at half price won't matter, none of their software will work with the unit, they no longer support the Lowrance Hook 7. They have zero, no software that could possibly work. No cards, nothing.

    Bottom line is I have a $700 door stop

    Last Lowrance product I will ever buy.

  6. Found out my Lowrance Hook 7 Triple shot came with a Navionics card that has no overlays in it. Navionics doesn't support the older cards so I have a $700 door stop.

    Unless someone has an older card, I would need a Navionics Card MSD/SD US East  , hope to hear from someone with better news than Lowrance or Navionics had.

  7. Have an Lowrance Hook7tripleshot.  Used it about 10 times then had some issues with it. Spoke to Lowrance tech people 2 yrs ago when it was acting up. They had me take the Navi card out and upload new firmware and some other downloads.  Well the boat needed repairs so it took time to repair, New Floor and complete rewire of the whole boat. Got it done for this weekend, Sonar seem to be working but Chart plotter only shows blue water, no waypoints no structure , nothing but blue water. Spent 2 hrs on hold at the dock because they needed it in the water to try somethings. after an hour withthe tech person they guess the last guy had me wipe the maps out. was told i need to call Navionics cause its there mapping. Well tomorow morning I'll call first thing see what kind of song and dance I'll get. not bad spent $650 on a unit that last 10 times and now it's gonna be a door stop. Lowrance said they couldnt do much because it's an old model they dont support anymore, great customer service. Even the couple times it was used, it didnt impress me at all. Over the past 45 years I've had a wide variety of electronics starting with flashers, then paper graphs and LED units and i can say this unit is not user friendly . Should of got a Garmin. Which i will probably do, no faith in this unit or any of thier other products.

  8. Finished laying down 2 layers of Bi-axle fiberglass matting and 3 gallons of resin. Just completely rewired the whole boat. Only thing left is painting the topside and gel coating the floor. This is a project I know I will never do again.

  9. Got all the plywood down, Hardest part was both consoles lining up so the windshield closes right. Needed a new teleflex cable for steering but they dont make it anymore so a whole new Sea Star steering system went in. This week hopefully I can glass the entire deck, Then rewire everything.   Should of just got a new to me boat.

  10. Hello all, in the slow process of putting down a new floor in my 18ft smokercraft, My problem is while i'm at it i am replacing any thing that was under the floor. the live well's overflow hoses are about 10 inches long going out each side , they have an 1 1/2 in inside diameter but they have a 3 inch offset, i need some flex hose that is soft enough to get the offset needed, guess it would of made too much sense to line the overflows straight when they built it. I found what the local marine shop calls flex hose but you need a gorrilla to bend it, and i need to offset it 3-4 inches in a 10 inch run. any help would be welcomed. Thanks Bud

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