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  1. I troll and made the mistake of buying the Helix 5, it doesnt even make a good boat anchor, its the farthest thing from auto,i'd spend less time playing with a video game, I wanted simple and some bonehead at bass pro sold me on this unit, it's exactly what I didnt want, so much for listening to some pencile pusher and not a real fisherman.

  2. I have been an avid steelhead fisherman for over 25 yrs. Mostly the fall river runs and winter. My tackle of choice has been spinning reels and rods and jigs or bait . I have been hearing more and more the term centerspin reels, are there pro's and con's using this type of reel.  For example , do they cast or is it a strip and toss the line out. Or maybe they have no place for jigs, I don't know , so I'm wondering if theres some input from the LOU community. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Well i just got back from Olcott pier casting for a few days, Started off with the nanofil and was so impressed that i never got a chance to try the super slick. Not one wind knot , that was a first for me with braid, and never had such a pleasant time casting. Next time i will give the super slick a try, hope i get as good results as i did with the nano. Thanks for everyones help and guidance.

  4. Just got back, spent mon afternoon into evening and tuesday morning casting all i had and not a bite. Guess being the only person out there told me something. Spoke with a couple locals and got the same story, should of been here 2 weeks ago , oh well better luck next time.   Wednesday dropped in to Sodus and tried my favorite creek, had a steelie on for about 10 seconds and 2 jumps and that was the end of the action for the day.

  5. henrybud , Thanks for the insight to a spoon I never heard of. Checked the reviews on the B.C. spoons, all positive results.  Since i'm heading up to Olcott on monday , do any of the local shops sell them or are they mail order direct only ??  I'm guessing the 2/3 oz is the size i'm looking for, and 50/50

  6. Heading up to do some casting for steelhead. Wondering what spoons others think are the meal ticket. Usually my favorites are Cleo's in 2/5 oz  in, silver/blue, silver/grn, silver/orange and watermelon. Also KO wobbler same colors in 1/2 oz. Just wondering if there's something hot that i'm unaware of. My personel fav is the Cleo in watermelon, wondering what others go to lure would be, I welcome all suggestions, Thanks

  7. Now that the Boat season is winding down, it's time to start steelhead fishing. I always used florocarbon in the past . I would like to use some Braid this fall and was wondering what others think about cast ability. Looking for a nice smooth line for casting spoons or jigs. Something around 6 or 8 lb test dia . My trolling braid seems coarse like a fine rope and i wouldn't think it would be ideal for casting . My current line is Power Pro but i dont feel it fits the bill for casting. With so many different brands out there any advice would be welcome.

  8. Hello all, new to the site but have fished all my life. Obsessed with trout and salmon fishing. Live in southern NY and since 1979 have been trolling leadcore for Browns and lakers in the local reserviors, and yes no motors allowed so it's oars only. For the first 17 yrs from april 1st to nov 30 , I never missed one day of fishing, guess i might have an obsession. When i started i couldnt find rods i liked so i taught myself to make my own, over the years I've probably made in the nieghborhood of 400 plus rods for myself and others.  Started making the trip to ontario in 1984 and got hooked on steelhead. Now that my 2 boys are grown we make the trip together for steelies, we try to get up to the sodus area for a week in november every year. We are now looking to expand to lake fishing, and have been thinking about areas around sodus or mexico. In my spare time i shoot trap competitively and I enjoy working on Harleys and riding. But will always find time to fish.  Just a little about me, hoping to enjoy many more trips to the big pond , and meet some new fishing friends.

  9. For the past 10 or so years , me and my sons head up to Sodus area in november to fish steelies. Were thinking of bringing the boat up this november, any help or guidance would be apreciated. Hoping to troll for steelies , coho's and browns, I would guess flat lines and staying close to the shoreline. looking at either the sodus area or mexico.

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