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  1. GlassWater Outdoors

    Autopilot ideas

    Take the advice and buy a Terrova.
  2. A great salmon boat she is. I am working on a buy back
  3. GlassWater Outdoors


    What size Flasher are you running?
  4. GlassWater Outdoors


  5. I didnt need a survey while I owned it. After me I couldn't tell you if there was one or not. I do believe it is usually the buyer that requests and pays for one.
  6. If anyone has any questions about the history of this boat they can fee free to PM me as I was the owner of it previous to Jay. It is a super solid fishing machine. She handles big water with ease and still keeps a good sense of maneuverability, shortly before the swap we fished her in the Oswego Pro Am and as you know Sunday of that event sucked , but she kept right up with the big boats in solid 3 to 4 footers. I will tell you that there are a bunch of 24' Thompsons and the like out there for 5 to 8k. I would invite you to go look at them then go look at this one and you will see why the price difference. This boat is solid from the stringers to the transom. Not to mention 100% of its original gel coat is in original shape. Again if anyone wants to know the history of this boat from its previous owner please feel free to contact me.
  7. GlassWater Outdoors

    Broadhead recommendation for low draw weight bows

    cut on contact.
  8. GlassWater Outdoors

    1989 24 Thompson

    If it is the one for sale in Syracuse I can tell you it is a great boat! It is my old one and I miss it everyday. I have had a bunch of boats from Offshore boats in the salt to 12' duck boats and almost everything in between. Hands down that 24' Thompson hard top was my favorite. I could give you a list of pros a mile long but not very many cons other then the fact I should of put trim tabs on her. Feel free to shoot me a pm if you want with any questions.
  9. Glad it worked out for everyone. I am gonna miss the old girl.
  10. GlassWater Outdoors

    running copper?

    Please dont get me wrong and now that I read that your just getting into the game I wouldn't recommend 3 coppers off each board. For years we have fished smaller lake trout and rainbow trout lakes where we would run 12 rods all with leadcore and inline boards so it does take time. I am not gonna say we dont have tangles with the coppers because we do. However for me personally my catch ratio nearly tripled when i switched to an all copper program. You do have to bomb the boards way out which is NOT conducive to combat fishing. We also run snap weights and when a king hits I will stall the boat for a few seconds and let those coppers sink to get out of the way, I run All of my board rod up off the hard top of the boat so when it come time to fight the fish you have a wide open dance floor in front of you except for the dipsy rods which can be cleared. I know and agree with what everyone is saying but the only way you learn is by doing. I would have to say however that some of our best days is when we have three or four guys on the boat and only fish 5 or 6 rods. SK is correct in saying more isn't always better. I just flood the water column till I find what is working then subtract the rods that are not firing as the day goes on.
  11. GlassWater Outdoors

    Streaking to the rigger

    Works every single time.
  12. GlassWater Outdoors

    running copper?

    Mostly all I run is coppers. I leave the downrigger balls parked right in the craddle. It is no trouble at all. Shortest to the outside. I run 250 then a 350 then a 450 off each side then a 500 down the chute and two dipsys on a 2.5 setting off the corners. If you get a fish on the outside lines just watch the 500 down the chute. It will get in the way sometimes.
  13. That is no lie. I was ready to trade you the 240 Thompson and cash as soon as we hit the dock yesterday! Lol Your boat handled the water beautifully. You guys looked like you were walking around on your living room floor as we were hanging on for dear life.
  14. Selling selling two 8lb down rigger weights for $ 15 dollars ea.
  15. GlassWater Outdoors

    2016 Oswego Pro Am dates set

    Kings Ransom is in. Add another boat to the Am division. Can't wait. It is always a good time.
  16. GlassWater Outdoors

    Spoons from mud hole

    Just my terminal tackle. I also did not know they had spoons
  17. GlassWater Outdoors

    3 rod set?

    Depending on where your fishing the Braid Dipsy may be a P.I.T.A. As of last weekend the fleas were getting bad enough in Oswego that I had to pull the braid and switch to wire.
  18. GlassWater Outdoors

    New Guy Looking for Gear! All Kinds...

    I have downrigger rods and several Diawa 47s and 57s for sale
  19. I can't believe this boat has not sold yet!
  20. GlassWater Outdoors

    Sold / Closed (2) Tite Lok Rod Holders $25 ea

    Sold Pending Payment
  21. I have (2) Tite Lok rod holders I am selling for $25ea plus shipping or you can pick up in Oswego on weekends. PM me or text me at (908) 442-6038 Thanks, Scott. Both are in good condition and work as they should.
  22. FishHawk TD used for 1 week on a fly in trip in Canada. Unit is like new. $90 plus shipping or pick up in NJ or Oswego