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  1. 21 hours ago, Yankee Troller said:

    You're seeing stragglers in these systems. It's not where the majority of them are. 99% are still in the Lake. These stagers the last 4-5 years have become lock jawed in August up and down the lake. I'd love to know why. I remember never leaving that inside water the last half of August and pulling some nice full boxes.

    You’re right the last few years have been way off from what I remember the last half of august being like.

    We got them moving a bit yesterday though. Couple mature bites and a bunch of immatures in 4 hours or so, which is how I remember the average days being this time of year. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, Triumphchaos83 said:

    Fish are there just have to find what they want. We did good on sunday but was a slow start then 1130 hit and it was a constant bite. All fish were deep we caught but seen them up top allday 60 ft but they weren't hitting.  400 coppers and rigger 80 plus feet meat

    Yea my 230 wire diver fired twice with good fish. I'm assuming it was down in that 70-80 range. Let my fishing partner set the rod after second fish and he let it out too fast. Reeled it up a few hours later and the dipsy and flasher fly were all twisted, so I think we definitely missed some opportunities there. Should have stuck to my policy of not letting guests set rods.

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  3. Went 3/4. One teenage king. one smaller king, and one coho. Missed another teenage king. 250-275 fow. Wire diver with hammer fly (230 lead), UV green dolphin on rigger down 45, and salmon slapper on braid dipsy (150 lead) produced fish. Similar to last report in that I couldn't get a pattern going. Changed colors and spoon sizes all day. Sounds like some fish were being caught deeper. Typical June day I guess. Thought we would find some steelhead but none wanted to cooperate. Weather was great though.

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  4. 1 hour ago, BrookdogFishingCo said:


    That’s exactly what I was looking for, Colin. I’ll be sure to post that info from now on.

    For this last week - lakers and kings were caught on 4” chartreuse and gold spoons - I use moonshine lures but that doesn’t matter. Trolling speed was 2.5mph. Depths were 80-100. Area was between 4mile and 12 mile. I launch from Lewiston and Wilson - never any further east than that.

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    Right on. I fish out of Wilson so I’m sure I’ll see you out there. Tight lines.

  5. 14 hours ago, BrookdogFishingCo said:

    Thanks for all the constructive feedback. Unlike on Facebook or the other outlets all people would be doing is casting hate.

    As a guy that’s on the water near daily, I’m all about providing info on whatever I see to help others. Sure, I’m a captain and take people out all the time but I don’t consider myself an expert - I don’t know what an expert is when it comes to dealing with Mother Nature.

    After re-reading my post - I’m trying to figure out what makes it seem like a promo - the last sentence? Where I’m encouraging folks to book trips if they haven’t already? Like I said before - that doesn’t apply to people on this forum - you all have your own boats so you aren’t going to book me anyway. I’m not trying to sell you on booking me - I’m trying to provide helpful info so if it isn’t helpful - let me know what else you want to know but try to recognize that a small part of what’s in my posts are directed to a larger audience outside of LOU. I don’t have the time to edit content for every platform so I hope you understand and can ignore what isn’t relevant to you.

    Does it seem like a sales pitch because it’s a link to my site and not a direct post of 800+ words and dozens of images to this page? As I mentioned before - this platform isn’t conducive to posting a lot of content in a single post - it takes forever to load a couple images let alone dozens. So I guess if you think it’s problematic/unsightly scroll past and don’t click.

    Bottom line - I want to provide useful content to help the community of anglers and be at least a little entertaining at the same time. If you think I’m accomplishing neither - please let me know how to improve/what else you want to know.

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    The last section of your blog post is a direct pitch for booking a charter. That's probably what the other posters are referring to. 


    If you read most reports on there, they give information on port, location (line #), depth, baits used, color, trolling speed, down temp, etc. Compared to other reports posted on the board, yours lacks in terms of actionable info, other than you caught a king and some lakers likely in the bar area.


    Yankee Troller puts out some of the best reports on the board. Maybe check out his reports and compare them to yours.


    I'm not criticizing you. Overall, I'm indifferent. I'm just explaining what others might be taking away from your post compared to the posts of other members. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, rdebadts said:

    So interesting how different people have been having different experiences this year. We’ve had like 5 of our best days ever, and are averaging 5 MORE fish caught per trip than our previous best season. It’s been silly all season long for us... and we haven’t changed a thing!

    That being said, this is the most likely time of the year to have tough days. Transition is happening and the fish are moving to the much less predictable offshore areas.

    By the way, 6/7 should never be considered “slow”. It’s not lighting them up, but it’s a fine day.

    The Fishin’ Physician Assistant

    Agreed it was a good day. It's just been weird. The first light bite has been almost non existent with the bite starting around 7 for me each day. The evening bite has been outperforming mornings. We aren't marking much at all. Weird year. Not the first and won't be the last.

  7. The fishing is definitely much slower than last year so far. We went out at first light not sure what the water temps were going to look like. We started shallow and aimed straight north to find where the best water was. Found the fish in 300 fow. Steady pick for about two hours then it just died. 6/7. 5 Kings and a Steelhead. Good size.


    No real pattern as every rod fired. Green spoons and green flies. Wire divers have been good early lately then the riggers and braid divers seem to pick up mid morning.


    Hopefully the fishing gets better soon. Not sure what’s going on?

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