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  1. So here we are in the middle of fishing season the real battle is not between the human and the fish but rather the human and the virus....How does it feel to be hunted btw lol... Back in March fishing was hot. Kings, browns all being caught just outside the chute. Problem was nobody really could fish. For those that did make it out, they did well. Water was setup perfect. However now that we can get out to the lake the situation has changed there and fishing has been poor to say the least. How bad may you ask??? Welp charter captains have reduced themselves to pike fishing in the bay. Plain as that!. Will it change??? yes it will and of course this long running thread will continue to update us all....However in the meantime I would like to make a friendly suggestion to the charter captains in particular....

    Your boats are not conductive to six foot distancing rules. I personally find it a little disturbing that I regularly see these boats going out with four sometimes five humans in the back (Some including children) and not one person is six foot away or more and not one person including the captains are  wearing masks....Im sure this is not across the board but please keep in mind that 99.9 and 9 thenths of your customers and in many cases you the captain of your vessel come from way outside this region. Many of your crew is local....I really think you should all start sporting masks...Maybe get creative and have masks made with your charter logo on it but do something because your not helping the situation.....Your ignoring it.....Enough said...

    We will continue to update this thread on the fishing as we have done for the past seven years....In the meantime try and stay safe???

    What caused the dramatic change? Was it the northeast wind last week followed by constant south winds?

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  2. With so many people that fish Lake O that are not local or work 9-5 jobs with responsibilities at home after work, why does the DEC insist on having these meetings in the middle of the week? It seems like Saturday meetings would have a much greater attendance and opportunity for the weekend warriors that support this great fishery to have their input and questions answered.

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