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  1. well Paul Czarnecki, I guess I figured I could ask questions on a web site that was geared toward fisherman sharing knowledge, experience, and information. I guess I thought there was a place for newbies to go to and converse with knowledgeable people willing to teach and coach. I guess I didn't expect an "attitude". But ! I did receive several PM's that were very positive and helpful and I will be contacting them.  As for you Paul, tight lines ! :)

  2. questions for the experts

    Just trying to shrink the learning curve, what pound test on dipsey diver ? to the diver and from the diver to the spoon or what ever.

    on a spoon, do you use a split ring or just tie on ? barrel swivel ? on a downrigger, how far off the weight? I've been out there taking a beating

    and getting discouraged so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated .  I hope to get up there in a couple weeks and would

    love to get one.


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