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  1. Congratulations on your catch. I remember my first tiger. I always will. I'd bet nearly every person that has had the experience of catching (or even spotting) a tiger will say the same. They're both ferocious and gorgeous at the same time. We are fortunate to have them swimming in what NYS has deemed their "premier tiger fishery", Otisco Lake.
    In my opinion the heart of the issue rests on the state. They've labelled Otisco as the place to catch the biggest tigers that New York can grow, yet they've set the keep size at only 36". I think most anglers would agree that's as far from "trophy" sized as it is from mature. To me there is a sharp distinction. It's either a trophy fishery or it's a put take fishery. We can't have our trophies and eat them too. 

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  2. We had great weather and a great turnout this weekend at Otisco Lake. We had 44 anglers enter the tournament with several traveling hours to join us. The lake looked in great shape to pump out good numbers of fish but unfortunately, even with the nice weather and great participation the bite was tough even though a lot of fish were seen.

    The only fish entered in the tournament was caught by Jen Allen fishing with Jason Allen. She managed to take home all the tournament winnings with a real nice 42.5” tiger caught in the last half hour of the tournament. Congratulations to Jen and Jason on the great catch!

    There were quite a few tigers caught that didn’t quite make the 30” mark. We heard many reports of lost fish and follows throughout the day as well.

    A big thank you to the Otisco Lake Campgrounds & Marina for once again hosting us for this tournament.

    Another huge THANK YOU is in order for Mike Breen. Mike very generously donated all the food and beverages for the cookout following the tournament. There was a great spread of burgers, dogs, salads, desserts, and more! Thank you again Mike!

    Thank you to Travis Young for manning the grill and cooking for so many people after a long day in the sun; it is very much appreciated by everyone!

    Another thank you goes out to Andrew Hulbert and Bill Knapp for handling the raffle table at the cookout. We had a great table as always thanks to these guys along with many others who continuously donate baits and items to support our club.

    We look forward to seeing everyone at our final event on September 14th- Onondaga Lake. Until then keep chasing those toothy fish and head out to the Chapter 69’s next event- The Chautauqua Showdown on June 29th!1

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  3. Your hand is at the exact aspect ratio as the fish is in these photos. Measure your fingers width with your fingers in a similar configuration. Then measure how many times that distance can be distributed across the fish in the photo.

    But really man, who cares. That fish is as big as the memory it has created for you when you shared the moment. Congrats!!

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  4. We had a great turnout for the CNY Muskies Inc. Waneta Lake Tournament & Chapter Challunge on Saturday. Rain concluded the registration right at 7am with Chapter 70 signing in 15 members and 7 guest and Chapter 69 signing in 16 members and 4 guests for a pretty level match up.

    After brief bouts of rain and sounds of distant thunder booms through mid morning the sun came out and the fish started eating, some of them quite large.

    3rd place was captured by Ed First who put a 37" in the bag while fishing with Bobby Dymond and Chapter 70 President Trevor Thieme.

    2nd place was awarded to Rick Waigerman with a 43" for team Musky Maulers.

    1st place went to Nikki Boxler who was fishing with her fiance Mike Guinan when she came up huge for the win with a 50" as well as a 33.5" taking home the first place money as well as the Big Fish pool. Congratulations Nikki and Mike!

    At the end of the day CNY Muskies Inc. took home the Champions Cup for the 1st annual Chapter Challunge by a score of 43 - 9 points!!! Chapter 69 will be purchasing the commemorative engraved plate for the base of the cup. Thank you Chapter 69 for being great sportsman and musky anglers, you are all true assets to New York's future musky fishing. Great job everyone from Chapter 70 that fished hard to make this win possible, we had a blast and we hope everyone that attended did as well!

    Thank you to everyone that helped make this event work and a very special thank you is in order for our president as well, Trevor Thieme!!

    Trevor puts in literally countless hours to make sure everything that his club is involved with is done to the absolute best of our abilities and in a way that is fair for and represents everyone involved. Without Trevor there would be no CNY Chapter 70, no tournament trail, no champions cup, and most importantly many of us wouldn't have met allot of the amazing people that we have over the past 2 seasons. So next time you see Trevor please see the dedicated hard working individual that is responsible for the bulk of making it all happen.

    We hope to see you back at Otisco Lake June 8th for the next stop on the 2019 Tournament Trail!!FB_IMG_1559520871542.jpegreceived_1233151850176614.jpegreceived_1169014453278936.jpegreceived_2243172052439057.jpegreceived_2467000873529496.jpegreceived_413565945901399.jpeg


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  5. Come on out and get your points on the board for the 2019 Tournament Trail. This will be formatted as any other MI tournament but it will also be the make-up date for the 2018 Chapter Challunge. Please come support your Chapter as this day of fishing will decide where the Challunge Cup lives for the summer!!!

    We hope to see you guys and ladies ALL there to fish for the Cup!FB_IMG_1558553161151.jpeg


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  6. It was nice to see everyone there. This was the second time fishing the lake for my buddy Travis and I, we found a couple tigers early on the north end trolling by 8:30 and then it was slow for a while with a couple pike trolled by 12:30. Around 1:30 we had an exciting and very disappointing visit from what looked to be about a 30lb CARP that was tail hooked. Sonthats always a nice surprise.
    Shortly after that roller coaster ride we had a board blow but dropped the fish soon after it hit.
    So we ended up with 2 tigers, 2 pike, a dirty carp, and nice pointy tooth with a hook through it right at the buzzer.

    At least we got some good eats afterwards!!! Thanks Old Man!

    Great job running the tournament Chapter 69, looking forward to doing it again next year.

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