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  1. Got to fish the new boat once and had issues with x4d reading depth and speed at ball. In shallower water 50ft or less. Worked once when i was 80ft dn. The marina i picked the boat up at mounted transducer dead middle of transom. My riggers are on the corners. Im 13 ft wide so maybe to far away?? I tested everything on land by the wet finger trick ant it read temp. Im still undecided on running 4 riggers on corners or just 3 and putting 1 in the middle. Ir just moving the transducer. 


  2. I have found they work good easy 1 hand off. But sometimes a pain to get on. Back hooks then front comes out visa versa.. They dont pull as hard as my tx44. Slid back and got in my dipseys twice last yr on turns. But i would get another. 

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