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  1. I run braid always have like the option to leader up and add a torpedo diver

     Question is my braid is 4 yrs old now ready to change it out. Anyone use the 50 lb spiderwire slick? Figure would work better with fleas. But its not powerpro dont want to have a diver on the bottom if its junk.

  2. Had one that came with my boat never could hear anyone thought antenna was bad. Spent 90 on a new one. Still nothing. Bought a new one from west marine. Tells me to add the mms number??? I can hit weather and hear everything fine. Can get 3 or so channels. Unplug antenna then nothing. So antenna works. It has 1ks and think 12 khs tried both still cant hear other boats. Whats am i doing wrong?? Never soldered wire to pin on antenna. Could that be it?

  3. Yes im tilted back a 16th there hard mounted ducers so i cant push forward. I dont get arces like a garmen or  fureno. But really dont care. I can see them dive or rise. And i can see my balls and if im going to fast the balls start coming out of the cone. I can bump down my tr1 and they come back into view. 


  4. 2 hours ago, horsehunter said:

    No Probe No Problem fish the marks and judge speed with your cables.

    I attended a presentation about the feeding of the transmitter implanted Kings and it seems they do a lot of feeding at the 60 foot level even when out of temperature. I usually have a rigger at 60 feet and it is often the most active.

    I have the probe use more for speed. If i see fish repeatedly at 70 i put by ball right on that depth off the screen instead of counters. 

  5. I have a tendency to fish marks over temperature. Am i wrong? I still catch fish but i have a habit of not even really paying attention to my rigger counters until i get bit then i duplicate. But 80% of time i watch my graph and drop to fish off my graph. It seems fish will come up and down a long way to check out my presentation. Some hit some will check out all 3 riggers then leave or follow for a long time. 

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