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  1. Well made my mind up! Oswego it is. It will be me and my sister in this 262. Its been out of the water since 2011 doing a shake down here at home on lake George this weekend. Hope to be out following weekend if no issues.


  2. For me Oswego is 3 hrs 3.25 depending on traffic. Takes me 2.5 to pulaski. How is it at Oswego for boat abuse with the wind? That's really my big concern. Where lil salmon is protected but you have that creek to contend with. Oswego is the waves and wind. 

  3. Popped main cover off and got below. 3 of the 4 motor mounts were loose. Two bolts nuts were missing got everything tight and started poking around. Stringer is fine at motor. I have a soft spot starboard side where drain hole is and the last 4 ft if the back. The side stringers are solid but where the holes were its soft. Found a wire hanger so there must of been something there. Never plugged the holes. So I'm running it!! 

  4. Motor not sagging yet everything is straight. Got recommended to pour this stuff in the Stringers turns the soft wood into a rock. 100 bucks a qt. They use it allot on older boats. They tested it and use it allot I guess. So I'm going to try and hopefully get the summer no issues and take to someone in the fall. Mostly the bad is in the back where he drilled holes on the sides of stringers. And one spot in front of the motor where a drain hole is. 

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  5. Ya I can't wait I have been in it every day getting it ready. Waiting on writes landing to get there crap together to bring it out. Going to be different fishing out of it than my 21 ft ranger bass boat. 

  6. 1 hour ago, GAMBLER said:

    I had mine done years ago and mine were in rough shape.  Some boats, the engine starts to sink into the stringer.  We found mine because the engine was flexing the stringer and the engine coupler went.  Is yours and I/O or inboard? 

    Mines a inboard.

  7. Well I did it like a dink. Had a friend look at the boat I bought to make sure it was ok. He has owned 3 so i took his word in the purchase. Well the survey dink the previous owner had drilled holes from one end of stringer right back  the other side. Never sealed Any of them. Well you guessed it! Rotten!! Grabbed my drill where there were no holes its fine. So I'm screwed. Deciding in how safe it is and if I can get the summer out of it and get fixed in the fall. 

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  8. Got the kicker running like at top. Ran like crap at first until I took out the e choke and made sure it was plugged in all the way. Ran great after that. Let it run in gear for a half hr or so. Going to put 50 gallons in it next week and run it. 

  9. Not 100% sure he said he drained the tanks before he stored it. Its sitting nose up on the trailer so I don't think there is enough in there to read. Hoping anyways

  10. Put 10 gallons to her today started the 454 for the first time after some spit and sputters she came to life and idled for a bit. Had freshwater pump off didn't want to get carried away.the t 9.9 was a different story getting going but finally ran. It won't idle so carb cleaning in the am. Bowl was dirty and screen pretty much plugged. But for sitting since 2011 I'm happy!! New impeller for pump and let run for a while oil change then hopefully fishing next weekend!!

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  11. Ok got another question. Back by the rudder is a small can the size of a small coffee can with a air pressure guage. What's it for and what pressure should it be? Looked for it online can't find it.

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