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  1. Ok got another question. Back by the rudder is a small can the size of a small coffee can with a air pressure guage. What's it for and what pressure should it be? Looked for it online can't find it.

  2. Here's another! I have been deciding to take the rail off the back and running riggers and rod holders right to the glass. Should I or keep it  the way it is? Its nice to have something to drill to but think it will be a pain to work over. 

  3. Just installed a 1199 10 in hummingbird. Am I going to get interference the way I mounted the transducer? Its really the only side I can mount because of the kicker bracket. And am I ok on height? Thanks



  4. Questions time!!! Ok #1 boat has kicker and nav something tr1 gold. Boat came with new john deer agm 31 series batteries. They have regular post terminals on them. Can I stack on the bolts all the other power for tr1, trim for kicker, and kicker itself? And a fishfinder! All off the terminal.. Or can I run some like the tr1 to the battery on off switch? 

  5. Hey I need opinion my new old boat has bottom paint. Its chalky and if you rub it it comes off on your hands. Not all of it but it comes off is it normal or do I have to sand and start over?

  6. Its mahogany that was in rough shape.. I have 3 coats of helmsman teak oil on it. Was wondering if a waterproof like Thompson's or Cabot would soak in now with the oil in it. Or a epoxy I just don't want it to get that yellow flakey like you see on some older boats

  7. Hey guys I have been refinishing my wood from the boat. I am on the second coat of teak oil on them. I want to seal them so they last longer then 1 yr. Should I use a Cabot or Thompsons? Love the poly look but I don't like the extra work when water gets under it and it splits and yellows. What should I do. 

  8. Sick of this wheather! Waiting to get back to work on the boat. Brother got me a 24" lightbar for it to add to rocket launcher. Have my side curtains and backs to get the clear plastic redone. Bought a 10" hummingbird to upgrade 1 of the 350a

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