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  1. I picked up some Offshore 3 oz Guppy snap weights today to use with my 10 color setup.  I've never used them before.  If I hook the 3 oz snap weight up to my leader, 50 ft back from my spoon or flasher, and then let out the 10 colors, approximately how deep will it be running at say 2,0mph?  
    If you snap the weight on your leader you will loose the whipping action of leadcore. It is best to snap it on the leadcore near the backing to leadcore connection.

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  2. I believe that Slide Diver discontinued the original heavy weight kit with the 2oz and 4 oz several years ago.  They now offer what they call the “Ultimate Weight “ Kit which is a 7 oz weight with a new disc bottom for the larger weight and a big ring.  This dives pretty close to 2 to 1.

     I used to like that 4 oz weight and tried to find more of them but couldn’t - even spoke to SD rep.  Been using the Ultimate Kit now late season for a few years.

    You are correct. I found a few of the 4oz weights at a local shop and then made a mold so I can make more whenever I buy new divers. I went to the trouble of doing that so I could get them to dive like my previous divers. If I didnt fish for walleye so much I would not have done so. The lite bite feature works great for eyes.


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  3. The standard weight in the slide divers is around 3 oz. They sell an accessory weight kit that includes a 2oz and 4 oz weight set. When I swapped out the standard weight for the heavier 4 oz weight I was able to achieve 3:1 dive rate that compared to the walker deeper divers I have used in the past. The standard weight did not have the same dive rate and was less. Again, this is on my boat with both wire and braid divers confirmed with a TD. Your results may vary.

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  4. I bought some at the end of summer last year to try out primarily for the lite bite function since i fish for walleye most of the time.   Near the end of the year when the eyes were deep my buddies were catching them with 200ft of line out on regular dipseys and i had to let out 250 ft with the Slide Divers to get bit.  I ended up buying a Fishhawk TD because like you, i did not think they were diving as deep as the chart said. The Fishawk TD confirmed my suspitions.  I would not bother running them without the large ring on them.  I found that with the large ring they ran closer to similar depths as the walker deeper divers that i am used to running.  I tested the running depths on the slide divers on multiple days, in different directions conditions to come up with a chart that i feel reasonbly comfortable in. 

    I found that on some days i didn't matter how much line you let out they would not dive deeper than a certain depth.  Also, there will be times that divers on opposite sides of the boat will be running at  5-8 feet different depths with the same amount of line out.  A fishhawk TD will really open your eyes to what is really going on down there.

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  5. Fishmaster on what setting did you test the diver? Did you always have enough time to get readings before the TD timed out? Can you tell me how you did the testing? Thanks!

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    You have plenty of time because it times out after 45 seconds. I used it to test my leadcores by letting out the cores and then clipping on the TD and letting it slide down to the lure and then checking the max depth.

    I tested the slide divers on a 1 and 3 setting on several different days and in different directions On the same days to confirm the readings.

    I switched to the lite bites because i primarliy fish for walleye on erie and they trip everytime so you wont drag any small fish around. If i only fished ontario for kings i probably would not have switched from my deeper divers.

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