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  1. I have one, my boat is a 20ft tiller and weighed 3950 when I pulled it over the scale. I have an F250 in the driveway and unless I’m taking the truck camper I tow with the frontier. Plenty of power breaks fine, I have trailer breaks. All around it’s just more comfortable than the F250, I love my frontier my only complaint is that the mileage sucks.

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  2. When I was shopping for my boat I had 2 dealers give me prices from the complete setup and on the list was a transom saver. One dealer told me he won’t sell me the transom savor because it is bad for the lower unit. The other dealer told me he won’t sell an aluminum boat without one.

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  3. Brian gave you some real good advice. Something I would add is that long coppers take a long time to reel in even with the right gear ratio reels.This can be significant if you have inexperienced or young folks reeling them in. Additionally it can be hard on the fish if you intend to release them.  You can also get increased depth on shorter dedicated coppers such as 200's and 300's by adding snap weights to them shortening the distance in reeling them in. You can get an estimate of how much weight  does what to them by attaching a Fishhawk TD setup at a given speed say 2.0 mph. Notice that I said "estimate" because that is just what it is as is running them clean because there are a lot of factors that govern how deep or shallow they actually run (e.g. variations in boat speed, underwater currents. what you have as a lure, use of attractors before the lure etc. and the TD itself) but it does give a better idea than just guessing.

    Absolutely, I use snap weights often, I refuse to run a copper longer than 400’

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  4. My current copper setups are







    I have 2 new reels I want to put copper on, my original thought was to have another 300 and a 400 but my question is if you guys had limited space on the boat would you add a 250 and a 350 to split differences or double up the 3 and 400?


    Fish out of a small boat and only have a places for 6 rods that aren’t in use and usually fish with 2 people so I have 6 extra rods and a 6 rod spread.


    Thanks in advance!



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  5. Copper is always the first thing I put out for the day but after that I put it out overtop of everything else.


    The key is letting it out slow! If you have good reels with a smooth drag ounce you get a some out loosen the drag with the clicker off and let it deploy itself slowly while you’re getting your riggers in the water.



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  6. I will give you a suggestion from personal experience.
    Buy an older used Hull and deck it out from new motor to new electrics
    A 30 year old Hull is better than a 15 year old motor

    This is very good advice if you’re going to keep it! If you’re unsure of what you want and think you may change in a year or 2 this is a great way to lose a pile of money because the resale isn’t there.

    Make sure you factor rigging into your budget. My buddy and I bought boats about the same time I payed 1/4 of what he payed and put 10k into rigging with electronics, riggers, rod holders etc. he can’t afford to properly rig his boat so we fish mine 90% of the time because fishing his boat sucks!

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  7. First time heading out since going into the Marine Corps. Coming from Saratoga, always fished Oswego or fairhaven but I’m not sure if either of those are open? Also looking for suggestions on where to stay I’m sure a lot has changed in 15 years.


    Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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    What’s everyone use for your face, all my buddies are having skin issues and getting stuff froze or cut off their faces and ears. I hate the oily feeling of sunscreen but I can’t stand wearing the masks.



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  9. I have a boat similar to yours and I run bags everyday I troll and I have a kicker. I run 2, 1 or none and am constantly pulling one and putting it back in because I fish alone a lot and I can steer the boat or keep the boat going straight from the back of the boat by pulling or letting out some rope.

    Rope size is no big deal.

    If 100$ prop isn’t doable money wise you probably shouldn’t be on the water, what your plan for a breakdown? If you need a tow in it’s nice to offer some cash for ruining another fisherman’s day. Most wont take it but you should always have some cash on you just Incase!

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