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  1. 1 minute ago, Bada Bing said:

    What's the length of the perch? My daughter caught a 14 1/2 inch perch and she still reminds me about releasing it. A replica could be a solution.

    I have every sized perch mold. I have several 14 + " replica molds. If you need one call me at 904-716-7048. Thanks , Bryan

  2. 1.) do you do your own molding and casting from good specimens?

    2.) are your molds from local waters or somewhere else? Our Lake Ontario fish are unique.

    3.) If you don’t do your own molding and casting where do you get your fish from?

    4.) are the old school Replicas or new highly detailed fish?

    Finally here is a picture on how to measure.



    Measuring your fish for a replica.

    Lay fish out flat and take a good picture(s) by filling up the frame with the fish only.

    Measure full length with mouth and tail relaxed ( yellow lines) girth at widest point( red line).



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