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  1. Being in the right place at the right time has helped many.
    My partner and i watched a boat launch full throttle off the top of Troy dam in the Hudson River stryper fishing this May. We threw the younger person a life jacket and let him float down river, as his older partner was going under. Just barley got him in time. Hypothermia kicked in, eyes rolled back in head. I’ll never forget the look on his face when i got to him.

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  2. A huge shout out to the gentleman out of the little salmon River who towed my boat back to port for me. Was wondering if someone could get me his info??????

    42 years of fishing Mexico Bay, I’ve never broke. That was a nasty cross chop and i was getting tossed around like a rag doll after my engine quit.

    This gentleman risked his own boat and the safety of his crew to pull me back to the launch. It was no easy task. If anyone knows this guy could i get his info?!?!? I would like to pay him for his heroism. My boat is at Mikes marina now.

    Btw- Was my first trip out with the boat. Just purchased it.



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  3. Wife and I went 2 for 3 this morning, between high rocks and nine mile. Both kings in the mid to low 20 pound range. We fished from 5am till 930am.

    All our hits were in approx 110-115 fow.

    Both fish came off green glow dodger / squid. Down 80 @ 2.6mph

    Lost a “screamer” down 70 on a watermelon color NK mag.

    The screen was less than impressive in my opinion between 100-200 fow in that area. So bad I almost picked up and ran east until we boated the first king. Plenty of boats.

    There were boats inside of 100 fow not sure if screen was better in there.

    Good luck.




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  4. All spoon bite for me monday between 430-730am outside oswego
    I couldnt get anytging to fire behind any sort of flasher, i tried meat and flies.
    I also slid out to that 400’ mark late morning and that steelhead bite was phenomenal
    We were catching them 50’ down and they were dancing out of the water in 3-5 ft waves before the line would release pretty cool.

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  5. I fished a few hours early am before i got blown off thursday.

    Between high rocks and plant 120-140. Found some bait, two hits on spoons @65down.
    Was marking a lot of smaller marks above bait, took a nice brown 20 down on a bay rat.
    Not enough time to fish to really get a good gauge on the fishing out of mexico.
    Im fishing tomorrow and going to try a few evenings next week. Will update.

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  6. I fished this morning in reach of oswego, i was just to the east near the plant.
    Started in 120’ found bait right away, had three hits, lost a 15# king at the net it got crazy rough. All hits were on spoons down 65-80. As we were picking up we boated a nice brown down 20’ on a fluorescent bay rat.
    We got blown off the lake 4-5 ftrs with the occasional holy “:/&$!!!
    Good luck

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  7. Haven't had any luck been looking for a descent hard top boat for lake Ontario fishing. I really like the Penn Yan contenders. Looking to pay cash if anyone is looking to sell or knows of one for sale please leave message. Not looking for a deal just looking for the boat I want.

    Stripped or with equipment.

    Trailer is a must.



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  8. Marked a bunch of smaller fish 40 to 60 ,over 100 to 150.

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    I fished the same depth as well this past weekend and took note of all them marks 40-60' down over 120 fow.
    I threw a black and orange nk28 and a rainbow colored stinger down 50 and 60 and hit two browns and a Coho at that depth.

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  9. I was out yesterday from 2 pm to dark. was hoping I could find that offshore bite, 5 days ago 200-250 fow was really good to us.
    Screens were mostly blank occasional bait. Trolled all the way into 80 fow, was not impressed. Guess I'm spoiled its been weeks and weeks of screens full of fish.
    Marked the most fish in 100 fow north of the mouth. But nothing real impressive. Never took a fish.

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  10. Hey at least it wasn't my new truck she hit!
    Small coat of body filler going on now and I'll be fishing tomorrow. Thanks for all the help and advice guys!
    I'll post a pic tonight after my last sanding.

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  11. If someone hit you, why aren't you seeking professional repair at a boatyard? The tab should be on the person that hit you. I wouldn't be doing a patch job myself. unless it's a beater boat.

    Was a hit and run while I was paying for gas. Still haven't tracked down the person who hit me, sheriff knows who it is, as a gentleman pumping gas got the plate number.
    Don't have time to bring it to a professional and it appears to be cosmetic damage to the outside of boat, did not puncture the hull.
    I only have two more weekends available to salmon fish so I figured ide go for the quick fix. Tracked down my buddy who is a professional body mechanic and he's tackling it as I write.
    Good to know people.
    It will be a hefty bill when they find the person who hit me, as my trailer was damaged too. As well as leaving the scene of an accident.

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