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  1. Reelfanatic, I'm honestly not the one to ask for advice for trout as they are not my forte, as I mainly just cast for bass and muskies. Wish I could help but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to trolling, especially for trout. I have seen a few boats out there trolling, but not too many. A few here and there. Mainly just seen bass boats and guys fishing for panfish. The guys I have seen trolling have been out in the middle and by the guard rails near the marina. I was going to go fish from the shore today but opted to go to Onondaga lake because it was packed. I take that as a good sign that the general bite is picking up on Otisco. I'll be out at the dam fishing from shore tomorrow, hopefully can get into some perch and crappie. Keep us posted with how you do, and good luck!


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  2. Hey guys, I'm new here. My name is Tyler and I frequently fish Otisco. I just posted a little introduction/about me post in the Introduce Yourself section, so I won't bore you about all that here too.

    Today we put the boat in just for an hour or so on Otisco and got everything running again, and to check the water temps. North End was around 50-51 while South end was around 47-49. Didn't catch anything today, but didn't fish too much. Vegetation is pretty minimal still, although there are a few algae blooms clumped around down by the dam. Looks like the weeds are starting to pop up off the bottom. Docks are just starting to be put in too (seems kinda late).

    Hopefully it will be a good year for big bass and tigers in Otisco! Feeling pretty optimistic about this season.

    See you guys out there, hopefully with better results than I got today!



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  3. Hey guys, I'm a new member here and would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Tyler, and I mainly fish Otisco Lake for tigers and bass, but also ice fish there. I also fish in Canada in the summer for bass, pike, and walleye. I'm strictly catch and release, unless it's a rare occasion that I keep some panfish or get a couple small 20-25" pike for the table. I'm big into conservation and releasing big fish, and I think that that is something that needs to be practiced by anglers.

    I look forward getting to know the LOU community, and hope to see you out on the lake!

    Tight lines,


    PS: here are a few pics from this past summer of some of the better ones I got between Otisco and Canada.


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