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  1. Any of you guys have their 90* swivel base? Kind of curious what that is? I see no benefit in being able to rotate them in 90* increments if that is what they do. I don't usually run more than 2 boards plus riggers (usually only me +1 fishing), even for walleye so I'm leaning towards the doubles.
    I would say the only benefit would be to rotate 90 to eliminate docking issues, if they are sticking out too far. I have the Solid Doubles and have been using them for two years without problems, just remember to silicone the caps on.

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  2. I just get flares at the Walmart, they are fine. I think the electronic stuff needs to mature.

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    I got my electronic Flare for $69. In three years when you are buying flares again! Not me. Flares are $30-35 every three yrs.
    Do the Math, ! Even I'm MATURE enough to figure that. Lol.

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  3. Complete Working Used Depth Raider package includes: 2 monitors with , 2 antennas, 1 probe, coated cable , 1 New in pack power cable with fuse. Upgraded cables. First $250 + $10 shipping. Upgrading to FH w/ Bluetooth. Coated cable has half year on it so can't guarantee it doesn't have scrape or two, but will include liquid electric tape just in case. A must have for rigging with coated cable. Unit has put many fish in my boat.

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