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  1. I too have a starweld 20. Overall I’m pleased with it. I wish I would have went fishmaster or at least starweld pro but for the most part I’m content. Only two things I dislike are the gunwalls are thin and had to be reinforced for riggers and tower. And the rear panel on the drivers side screws stripped and needed a backing board to secure it properly.  From the dealer I had a water leak that was actually from the Speedo line they never plugged properly. Something you might want to suggest. If you have the in dash mount lowrance it would have deleted the Speedo and if the line isn’t plugged off it spews water into the boat and the faster your run the more water comes in because the water pressure increase. If you got it from where I have a feeling you got it from I can def see some issues coming from the customer service end. Best of luck. Don’t give up on your rig. Mine fishes great just a few fit and finish issues. But I assume that’s why is 35-40k instead of 50-55k 

  2. What gen lowrance unit are you going with. If you go gen3 it will already have the newest software that’s compatible with the lowrance auto pilot. If you get gen 2 hds like I have I had to update the software from lowrance website. It was very easy. Simple download to a Sd card and the lowrance unit auto uploads it if you fallow the YouTube instructions.

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  3. I have the lowrance auto pilot and I’m running hds 7 gen two touch electronics. No problem. The auto pilot came with everything I needed to install on my 2016 starweld. It’s worked great so far. Just need to re adjust the virtual rudder and re commission the point 1 ap gps sensor now that I’ve ran it a few times and got the rest of the air out of the system. 

  4. IMG_1352.JPGIMG_1357.JPG


    For sale is two basically brand new uni-troll 10 stx manual downriggers. Below are the specifications for these down riggers. Riggers were used 1 time. I bought 4 of these thinking I could use them all on my boat. Unfortunately they just aren’t spread out enough to do so. They also have the cannon aluminum track riser bases. I am asking 450. I am located in the Pittsburgh pa area. Again these are literally brand new used once and never put back on the boat. You will not be disappointed.



    Cannon Uni-Troll 10 Stx Manual Downrigger


    Uni-Troll 10 STX


    Take command of controlled depth fishing when you equip your boat with a Uni-TrollT downrigger.features an innovative design that lets you pull your lines back in with less cranking effort and One-Hand Clutch Deploy for simple precise bait positioning. Built with a 2:1 retrieval speed, a low-profile swivel base and a heavy-duty telescopic boom that extends from 24" to 53".


    More control at every turn.


    Take command of controlled depth fishing when you equip your boat with our Uni-Troll manual downriggers. Perfect for smaller boats, each model allows for quick line retrieval and controlled, one-handed weight descent.



    Our Uni-Troll and Easi-Troll models feature an innovative design that lets you pull your lines back in with less cranking effort. The quicker you can retrieve your lines, the quicker you can get back to catching fish.


    Get controlled, accurate bait positioning thanks to the One-Hand Clutch Deploy on all Cannon manual downriggers. It's designed to gradually, precisely lower your weight and lure into the strike zone.



    Fast, effortless 2:1 retrieval speed

    One-Hand Clutch Deploy for simple, precise bait positioning

    Enclosed boom end pulley prevents line jumping

    Easy-Access Universal Mounting Base - same as our electric models

    Dual axis rod holder - fully adjustable, both front to back and side to side

    Ergonomic crank handle

    Integrated ball storage hook

    Three-digit depth counter

    Pre-spooled with 200' of 150-lb test stainless steel cable and includes a line release

    Limited lifetime warranty



    Manufacturer Part Number: 1901130



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  5. I also have two brand new cannon manual down riggers for sale. Used one time till i realized I cant use 4 riggers on my boat. They are uni-troll 10 STX’s. If you are using trac rail I also have the 4 in cannon riser bases. They also have the swivel mounts. Also have two ten lb pancake weights.



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  6. Hey thank for the pics. Just cant see that boat taking waves over the bow in 1-3's. With the ET its almost 26' of hull. Maybe the added weight of 3 batteries was just enough. What boat did your buddy end up going to?

    I fallow what your saying. I'd have never believed it had I not seen it myself. My friend is and engineer and he did some math I guess and it worked out to be like a 500 lb difference based on the center of the boat and how far th batteries were from that point. Do I think they are a good boat. Yes. Would I but one setup differently. Prob so. Do I think there are other options that provide the same or better performance for less money. Yes I also believe that. He hasn't decided yet. But I think he's leaning toward going back to a Starcraft. This time either a 196 or 210 fishmaster

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