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  1. I don't think anyone doubts the fact  the electric motors will power a boat / car fine,. Maybe and probably better .


    My concern is the supply and availability at peak times will not be enough and sufficient . 


     Suppose there is an electrical supply issue and there is a shortage of supply. I can see rationing and essential usage.  And fishing isn't essential . 


    I would hope the  powers at be would have and are thinking of this stuff . We won the cold war etc etc . But we seem to be more concerned with BS  . 


    Good thing I like Chinese food .  

  2. And furthermore ,who will set the  price of the electric ? OPEC and foreign entities   set and control oil production and prices . We were energy independent and now we are not .  Which gives them more control. Great move . Or is that the plan ? 


    I can see the gov setting the price as most of the elec will be produced here. 


    And the way things are headed , I can see different prices for different people. Rich pay more than poor , etc...... 

    Equity we hear so much about . 


    Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore . 

  3. Just pulled in from driving up from North Carolina 11 hrs drive . A,lot of traffic and all gas stations were busy . It takes 5 min to fill your tank . It takes 1/2 hr charge  approx to get 200 miles of an average car .  . What a nightmare that will be . But that SHOULD improve.  And the amount of amperage( 70 to 100amps ) Times the amount of pumps there are . If you remember the gasoline lines  in the late 70s this will be nothing . And it will affect everything else electric . 


    You are dreaming if you think there will be less tax . There will most likely be more   . Much more . Who is going to pay for all the amperage service upgrades and all that goes along with it  such as sub stations ,etc? I'll give you one guess. 


    Supply and demand will dictate price . You can store oil , you can't store electric . Not that I know off . 


    I know this really needs to be done at some point and I sure hope this is thought out . But we couldn't even set up a website for Obama care  for months . And now this ? 


    I am less than enthusiastic . 


    We now have big oil . Next is big solar / wind / electric . As long as we ( and I mean the politicians ) can get the money to the people they are" chummy"  with . 

  4. How is all the gas a boat that is capable to safely  fish/navigate the great lakes going to translate into electric?  My 45# trolling motor drains a good size battery at full in about 2 hrs max .


    Look at all the cars on the road rush hour and multiply that across the country . 

    We already have rolling blackouts in some parts of the country at peak times . 

    What happens when America ( if its still called that by then ) gets home at 430 and we all plug our cars in ? 


    All sounds good on paper . But I'm sure it will all be good . 


  5. Yeah , stick your head in the sand . That ought to do it . 


    Problem is , what's going on is not being talked about enough . 


    The wolf is at the door . 


    I knew when I posted this that some would not like political stuff on here , but it needs to be discussed daily . With everyone . 


  6. Have some fun tonight ! 


    Get a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass 


    Turn on MSNBC or CNN. 


    Every time they mention " TRUMP" you take a shot . 

    I wouldn't make it an hour . 


    So please with the blaming one guy for everything . Where have you been the last 4 years + ? 



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  7. I'm sick of the whole lot of them 


    Every election time we hear for months what they are going to do . They get elected and do very little or the  opposite . Or at least most do . 


    I don't care what party.  Just do the right thing by the American citizen . Be a patriot . They take an oath  And seem to disregard it  .  And I may not agree with some of it . But some of what I see is down right ridiculous . 


    Have some honor already . 

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  8. I watch everyone to get all points of view . Rachel  , Chris , Don Lemon , network , Fox . 


    If you get your news from only 

    CNN, or NPR , you , my friend , are the one in the echo chamber . 

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  9. The pipeline got stopped , the wall got stopped ,  the  Afghanistan debacle , wanting to pay illegal aliens 450 k And make them rich . This stuff didn't happen ? And please with the prejudice and misinformation . 


    We were told we would never see 2$ gas and we did 


    We were told shutting down China and other countries  from our boarders was wrong . And it was right. 


    We were told shutting down businesses and schools was,what to do which Don DID NOT want to do and the World Health organization said it was wrong to shut down . 


    Also told it would take 5 years + for vaccine , it took 8 months and Kammy said she wouldn't take it and did . 


    Dems da facts .  


    And there are more . Lots more . 



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  10. I long for person that will run for office , have the stones to fight off the made up criticisms ,non apologetically  put the American people fist , and who actually cares about the common citizen and do what's right 


    Are they out there ? 



    Oh, wait ............



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  11. Agreed 


    But what is now going on could irreparably change the American way  of life, which we take for granted ,  and already has . Those of us that have worked hard and done the right things, seem to be the enemy and are being made insignificant while we pay the bills . 


    If gas goes up to 5 bucks + a gallon , how will that affect things ? Including fishing , which we seem to have to fight for every dollar. 


    I often wonder how some countries of the world changed so dramatically  , such as Cuba ,Russia , Germany  to what they became . And I can only think it was because the good people of those countries did not speak up , trusted those in charge , and let it happen . And then it was to late . 








  12. 1 hour ago, rolmops said:

    Do you want reactions from beyond your echo chamber or do you just want to talk to yourselves?

    I do like hearing the honest  truth and I do believe in science.

    I do not miss Putin's poodle for even one second

    Yes , I can sympathise with a lot out there about what is and is not the truth. And what is and isn't  the science , which Fauci seems to change daily . . 


    But I have to believe what I see is going on . The border ,and proposal to make rich illegal crossings , leaving all our weaponry to our enemies to use against us and leaving our People behind .And letting the Taliban dictate terms .  And let's not forget all the money that made the Biden's family rich from China and who knows where else .  . This stuff actually happened and there is more . A lot more . 


    And so much for uniting the country . 


    We were energy independent and, now we are not . 


    Echo chamber ?  LOL . 


    And what was disproved about the Russia stuff ? 


    I would Like to meet the person who thinks things are going well/ better during this administration . 


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  13. When I post this , I thought I would get more responses . 


    And what is even more perplexing , is where are all  the supporters who were on here saying  it was so bad  the last 4 years and how Orange man was doing such a lousy job and did not know what he was doing ? 


    What's this have to do with fishing ? Maybe a lot more than you might think . 

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  14. I feel the lower water which led to clear clean water kept the kings on the west end to be in with the flow of the Niagara river . 


    Seems like the guys Oak east had to go out mid lake to get constant silver action . 


    We have most definitely been spoiled the last so many years . And with the stocking cuts , could be lean for years to come . 


    We sure didn't get the return at Sandy this year of kings . And Brown's or rainbows for that matter

    I have lived through this before 

    Can't be great every year . Makes you appreciate the good years . 

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  15. Buy a 9 to 10 ft dipsey rod and decent line counter reel . Load it with 65 or 80 # power pro . Get the standard size dipsey . Put some 20# Flouro or mono for spoons ,8 ft  . 40 for flashers dipsey to lure .  . And a good rod holder . Set the dipsey release screw light at first and adjust . 

    Put direction weight  2 at first . Let it out . Set the drag and drive the boat around  . Pretty simple . 


    A lot of the fun is figuring this stuff out on my own . I don't want  someone to cut my meat for me . And yes , you will make mistakes . 


    But it will be more Satisfying when you hook up . 


    A slide diver is basically the same . But the leader setup Is a little different . Better when fish are higher in water column.  


    Good luck 

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  16. It's tough to  Do do neutral running boards , unless you are trolling with the wind 


    But for deep water , I do it all the time when I get a good king on . 


    On the hit if it's screamer , I clear my dipsys  first , while I am turning the boat slowly away from the fish and  Down wind  and then let the wind push me slowly along . Sometimes I leave the riggers  down . And have had doubles while the boat was drifting along , especially on flasher rigs . 


    I get the fish in the boat in 1/3 the time , lose less fish , and it's more fun .  

  17. Gas is going up every day and so is food,  etc. Shortages also . 


    And the Afghanistan debacle 


    Now he wants to give aliens 450 k each for their inconvenience . Yeah , that will stop them from coming . 


    Hope you guys are happy with your choice . 


    Any buyers remorse ? 


    Seem to me he wants,things to collapse . 


    Wake up . 

  18. If you are not going a lot and you are new to this and you are fairly young  , the manuals are the way to go at first . Less hassle all around 


    We used manuals for years and they work fine .  I , still have some on my small boat . 


    I don't know where you live but there are a set of Penn's on the Rochester Craig's list .200$ . 


    And if you keep your eyes open I see them a lot on here as guys want to upgrade .  



  19. The most important thing , especially with manuals , is they are mounted in a location so you can set , adjust , and crank up the rigger . I cannot emphasize this enough . Don't ask me how I know . 


    Be carefull buying used electrics . The motors have a tendency to wear out and in some cases , they can't be replaced . And new motors are expensive . 


    I have we a pair of Cannon easy trolls on my small boat  They are good down to about 80 ft with 10# weight . But my arms get tired . But it's a good tired if  the fish are hitting . 

  20. Took r he  small boat out yesterday . So I went down to see how the dredging was going and to check the depth . 


    We now have 7 ft from the yacht club to the mouth .  I checked  east and west from pier to pier all the way down . We have a trench for lack of a better word where the channel markers were. 


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