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  1. I fish all species of fish in Lake  ontario and NY  state . And fishing in general for bass and Salmon trolling tech wise has gotten crazy . It gets better , and More intrusive each year . Bigger faster boats with  crazy better electronics , that see,everything and position you perfectly . And it's easy to get caught up in that .  I considered the tourney life but did not and am glad . 


    I fish because I love to . I have a rag tag 16 ft Barely sea worth boat I absolutely love . Nothing beats being out first light , quiet, seeing wildlife , no pressure .

    That might be hard for some to understand . 


    When it becomes all about winning and competition , it would change it for me  . 


    Some of these guys I see I wonder ... 


    It seems they like the idea of being a pro  fisherman with all the glitz and fame more than they like fishing . 



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  2. I absolutely love my J plugs . .


    Small boat`n after Labor day I use them for staggers almost exclusively . 


    And you have some good ones in that box . 


    Size 3 and 4 . Glow green fluorescent , and pearl white first light . Silver bullet when Sun comes up . 


    35 to 75 leads off riggers . Run ball 10 ft off bottom .

  3. Use 2 of the same weights if you can 


    I used 10# fish shaped for years ..

    I use cannonballs also . Hopefully yours are 10 # at least 


    I seldom run leads of   less that 20 ft , more like 25 for both spoons and flashers . 


    Run leads back the same and keep the weights at least 10 ft apart vertically to avoid tangles 


    At first , run 1 lure each rigger and 1 dipsey if you have one till you get the feel of things . I never run more than 5 rods  . 


    Better to run a few rods right than a bunch wrong 


    Watch your depth finder for fish / bait . 


    Do a lot of turning  so your lure will be running the right speed at least some of the time if you don't have Down speed temp . Note direction of troll on hit to repeat it 

  4. Those buoys are there to mark the channel . 








    Fishing bass I have seen numerous boats over the years , 2 this morning ,  go outside the buoys and have waved some off . 


    Could be very expensive for you , especially this year . 

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  5. Yeah sounds like you should go out and buy a few 15 # torpedoes at 150$ plus . And hope your riggers are rated for that much weight or you will replace them also . 


    Or hook the release on the weights you have , call it a day , and go catch some fish . 


    Sounds,from your original post you already know that hooking the release on the weight solves your problem . 


    So if it ain't broke don't fix it .  

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  6. Don't  attach the release to the weight? 


    I guess I have been doing it wrong for the last 40 years,. 


    That is what keeps the weight straight and stabilizes it IMO . 


    But I don't load my rods up as much as,some of you guys because I think it pulls the weight back and you get more blow back . 



  7. I had the same problems when I used Roemer releases or blacks . 


    I had the weights tangle . 


    Went back to pinch pads and solved the problem . 


    The weight dragging the line/  lure behind keeps it straight and stabilizes it . 


    I have used cannon, offshore for years and now Scotty . I like Scotty best . 


    You see shakers better with them  Also .

  8. I feel you need to get bait placement with your middle rod at the 50 deg Mark if you have a fish hawk then above and below . 


    If not fish the the bottom of the bait then above and below . 


    Cable angle tells me you are going way to fast . Pull some buckets or a bag . I love my buckets . I put a how to on them on here somewhere  a few,years ago . 


    Also I use scotty pinch pads and set them tight so fish has to pull hard to get a release .  I put a bend in my rod but not crazy . With my tight release , the fish is hooked good on the strike . 



    My go to set up with 2 riggers is a flasher at 50 deg 1 rigger , other rigger a spoon 10 ft be low flasher , spoon stacked 10.ft above flasher 


    25 ft lead or spoons a little behind flasher . 




  9. We are getting played like fiddles 


    Makes me sick the way some of this stuff is reported . 


    The weak minded get swayed . 


    The events of the day are not reported but used as ammunition for or against a cause . 




    Trump is not the president anymore but he  is talked about constantly while  important issues of the day are glossed over or not even reported by some outlets . 


    Can we just report the news,with, no slant or agenda already? 


    .what pill do these People take to say what they say and look straight into the camera ? 


    It's not news anymore . 



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  10. On 6/15/2021 at 9:54 AM, SamonSez said:

    Congrats Rick and as always, thanks for the detailed report!


    But I gotta say, you guys are killing me. 2 years ago it was Carbon 14. Last year is was DUV 2-Face and everybody sold out. This year it is Rod Father...next year Double Harpoon Ghillie Monster...


    If I could just get a Gary-D, even at $100, it would save me a ton of money. As it is, I need to buy a dingy to pull behind the boat just to carry the lures and equipment. (I know...catch the fish...or catch the fisherman) My guess is that you would still do well with just a randomly twisted paper clip on the end of the line. Spending time on the water...can't buy that, gotta earn it.


    Joking aside, thanks again and best of luck this season.


    Do you really  think it would make a difference ? 


    I ran it this spring the 4 times I went out  till I gave up trolling and did the creek thing . Never had a hit on it . 


    We will see  in a few weeks . 


    I tell it like it is . 

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