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  1. Much thanks to Dale Lane, Lt Matt Lochner, and all the other volunteers and sponsors that made another Yates County youth hunt an overwhelming success to all that participated. Unfortunately I was not able to get a gobbler within range of my hunter(which this year happened to be my best friend/co-boat owner’s daughter). But we all had a memorable experience including a 200 yard crawl through an alfalfa field to get 35 yards from two toms that were just to wary for us. Lots of gobbling and encounters both days tho so I think she’ll be out again. This is my 6th year “guiding” for this program and I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be a part of. Congrats to all! 38be8ffd-65fa-498b-bc8e-7134153f2635.jpg



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  2. Anyone use anything special to store their trolling spoons in while out on the kayak? The special mate boxes are just way too bulky in the kayak and the standard stowaways can’t keep the spoons separated well enough. I was thinking about ordering some of the Amish Outfitters spoon pouches and trying them out but have never seen or used them in person. Anyone have any recommendations??



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  3. IMG_6899.JPGIMG_6902.JPG

    Decent afternoon at the south end of Conesus. Private access just south of the Beachcomber. They definitely preferred the suckers over the shiners. Shoulda got pics of the cast iron over the campfire fish fry. Next time!

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  4. That's the new normal . Wonder how long till the lake makes a come back.

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    Last time the west branch froze up(4years ago?) it seemed to be the glory days of laker fishing where anyone that could get out to 40fow could have the time of their lives. Which lasted pretty much the whole season if I remember correctly. Has things changed in the lake since then? Minus the west branch not freezing up part.

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  5. Fun day on Oneida. Never fished it before but my buddy and I gave it a go and made it work! We caught over 20 walleye but it was hard to find keepers! The consistent action along with the bonus jumbo perch still made for a fun trip! Not bad for a couple of Oneida rookies!   

    Awesome job! Considering doing the same on Sunday with some buddies. Has to be rewarding going in blind and finding a bite. Did you guys have machines or did you hoof it? Can be an intimidating lake with no machine.

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  6. Unreal , got to be a law to reckless driving on the ice. Stupid !!
    Back to conesus with the wife . We ran 14 flags at the North end. Not 1. I did see something worth the drive... Two couples come out and fish next to us, guy pulls out a DeWalt drill with a 1-in drill bit and goes to town and then pulls out a 20-lb sludge hammer till he gets through. It made my day I laughed so hard. I ended up going over and drilling two holes for him. I told him I would have came over and drilled before he started but I want him to show his wife he can do it. He laughed .
    Stay away snow.

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    Wow... I want to be happy about the influx of people interested in the sport but they make it so hard.

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  7. Has anyone fished the south end of Conesus, down by the inlet?  I know it gets pretty packed up by Vitale, and parking can be an issue.  I'm just wondering if the South end is any good (and safe yet?)  With my kids being so little, there's no getting up at the crack of dawn to get them dressed and out the door at 0'dark-thirty to beat the rush.

    The south end lacks the panfish that the north end has. The kid friendly jigging action is pretty much non existent. However you can set tip ups and get into some decent pike action. I’ve been skunked and I’ve caught double digits from the south end so I’d say it’s hit and miss as far as entertainment for the kids.... Ice is safe just stay away from the inlet. Park in the state lot and there should be a trail leading out there

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  8. I'm fairly new (8-ish years) to spring LO trolling, but I know I don't catch nearly as many cohos in the past couple years as we did when I started. I'd say it was about 3:1 browns to cohos in 2013, but idk if I've even caught one in the past two seasons. I'm sure theres a reason that the many very informed guys on this forum can explain, but its beyond my knowledge. I was just as enthused as you were about targeting cohos several years ago, but soon learned it wasn't what it use to be and it was better off taking your sons advice and enjoying the brown trout fishery that still exist and if a coho happens to hit the brown gear, all the better.

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