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  1. Planning to be at Owasco for a week beginning 8/13 with the family... what depth range would you guys recommend trolling to try and pick up a rainbow? I have dipsy divers size 1 and am new to using them. I will be fishing the north end most of the time down to Burtis or a little further. Any particular lures working well?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Just a quick follow-up to let everyone know that the Navionics+ EA (eastern addition) sonar charts of the St. Lawrence River for the areas I mentioned above (see screen shots) have now been updated by Navionics and are available for download & update to your micro SD card. I received an email from Navionics customer support yesterday letting me know that the improvements had been completed and were available. I just downloaded the updated area to my chip and the detail is now there.

    Note: The mobile app and web version sonar charts were always complete. This was for the chip only. 

  3. Well I have some good news...


    I have been working back and forth with a Navionics Customer Service representative and based on my input they will be making some improvements to the Navionics+ Eastern downloadable charts for the St. Lawrence River. The improvements will include the missing chart sections on the river just east of Chippewa Point / Oak Point area and also east of Ogdensberg Bridge. These areas did not have the sonar chart details like the Mobile App and Web charts. Also to be updated will be any missing Community Edits including ship wrecks, etc. Once these changes have been made I will notify on this thread so people with downloaded Navionic+ charts for the river can update their chips.


    I also requested that the sonar chart contour lines be fixed / upgraded between Rock Island heading east to Chippewa Bay where they are broken and jumbled. They have opened 2 work cases for this and will notify me when it is complete and available for download.


    I have been very pleased with Navionics responsiveness and the overall look and feel of their product for my Hook5 plotter. 

    Looking forward to fishing with it this summer. Hope your reset clears up your tracking delay Chowdaire.

  4. Well I took the chip out of the Hook5 and downloaded a smaller area of lakes. This cut down the size of the download quite a bit. The download was for all 3 types of info: nautical charts, sonar charts and community edits (same as I did two times previous). Then I downloaded only the community edit updates on top of that.


    I put the chip in the Hook5 and checked for the community edits like ship wrecks and fishing spots, etc. and low and behold they showed up but only with the chart set to Navionics (and not Fish - n - chip). This is the opposite from what you said you had with the Hook7 Chowdaire. Not sure why they would be the opposite but I have no edits with mine set on Fish - n - chip.


    I am still not getting the same quality of contour lines that the mobile app map has for some sections of the SLR. Oh well it will be functional like it is. I still want to hear back from Navionics to see what they say. Seems like a software issue not a Hook5 issue?  

    Thanks for your suggestions guys.

  5. St. Lawrence River Navionics maps?

    I picked up a new Hook 5 chart / sonar unit with Navionics+ east chip. Downloaded the maps for New York, Ohio, etc. including the SLR. Question for those who have Navionics+ for the river... Do you find there are stretches of the river where the contour lines are broken and uneven? I find that along from about Rock Island east to before Ogdensberg the map contour line quality changes a few times. Some stretches have smooth contours and others have choppy broken and more geometric looking lines. Also my mobile phone app has better quality map content and shows details like ship wrecks, etc. that my download to chip does not pick up.  

    Interested in what other people have experienced in terms of contour line detail and quality. Thanks.

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