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  1. I interpreted their reference of it to a "feel good" stocking program to be sort of a high brow put down of the great work being done by concerned sportsmen. From some of the background history I have read about Captain Bob Flavia and Mr. Bouchard the DEC resisted them since the beginning in 1989. Not surprising they are not praising it now. Reluctant participation is better than none... I guess.

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  2. According to the SLR Valley Sportsmen's Clubs face book page they have stocked about 1 million walleye total so far. That has got to have made a major contribution to the overall population in the upper and lower river sections. Fish naturally love to swim upstream against the current. Ogdensburg stocked fish are probably migrating up river. Kevin's proposal for a tagging study would be able to confirm this for sure. Neat pictures of netting walleye to collect eggs.


  3. I have done a little looking on the DEC website and found a related "St Lawrence River Fish Communities" page. At the bottom of this page there are 3 links to .pdf documents. Take a look at the middle one labeled "2015 St. Lawrence River Fisheries Update". This contains graphs showing population trends for the major game fish species. It is interesting that the Walleye population really grew in the last 15 years. It peaked in 2009 and is currently looking like it is on the increase again. This may be in line with the stocking efforts for the SLRWA that has been underway. Glad to find this information. Looks like their are a couple more links within this .pdf with more background as well. Good rainy day reading. Good luck everyone. I hope to fish the river again in late August or September.


  4. Maybe someone from SUNY ESF would like to take it up as a masters or Phd thesis project. You would think that the DEC fisheries at the Cape Vincent research site and world class research boats and equipment would jump all over this one. To me the walleye is a very unique and valuable game fish that still has a lot of unknowns surrounding it. This is an example of the gap in available science / information. The US and State government spends a lot of money to study many things that are far less useful and even wasteful. If you look at the DEC fisheries website they post their annual research and fisheries updates. This would be higher on the list than many that I have seen. Oh well. I did read that they were slow to get on board with the SLRWA efforts to help boost the walleye. Maybe a not invented here view?

  5. Hi EsoxAC3,

    A group dedicated to SLR walleye propagation, research, education and sport fishing exists. Google st Lawrence river walleye association. Pretty interesting group that has done a lot from what it says. Maybe folks on here would be interested in joining. They may have some population data. Looks like they are farther east primarily.


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  6. Very nice looking limit Border Angler. Way to go. Interesting that it was full of zebras. I could understand a few eaten when feeding near bottom but to be full of them it must have been intentional snacking?

  7. Wow that is a big Rockie Kevin, and way to get on those eyes to! I seem to remember them eating well. 


    Roybee doesn't it make you want to go right back out and try again even more? On my last trip a couple weeks ago I thought for sure I would connect but didn't. Now it feels like the river is calling me back.    

  8. I had the same experience jigging after sunset last week. Goby worm stealing dropped off but if it wasn't moving they found it. I just found a study by Ontario dnr that says they found them to feed most actively at night. With there small eyes maybe they forage on the bottom more at night so the floating harness probably helps keep them away from worms. Anything that will help is good. Thanks rayfish.

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  9. I like your idea Pap. I have a nice large drift sock that I can try next time. Didn't want to do too many things at once this time with the bouncers. Did get a feel for how they run, lure action and how the rod loads up etc. I had 14 pound test on and with the homemade ones I was concerned about the weight being to much. Need a stiffer rod as well for that. It was bending too much. 

    Esox, thanks for your comments. Sounds like we face similar boat control issues and are both hooked by the walleyes. Makes it interesting. I have a fairly heavy bayliner 20.5 open bow that is a fun recreational boat but not ideal for SLR walleye fishing unless like you said it is a favorable wind to drift with the current through the good runs.

    (Anyone know how I can get a profile picture to post without turning upside down. I tried posting both ways and it wants to turn my pic so it is upside down?)

  10. Sounds good Prof T, I was on the river last week as well. What a great run of weather. I am still a walleye beginner and soaking things up. Did not catch any eyes but had one come up to the top chasing my jig on Thursday evening. Took a big swirling swipe at it and went back down into the dark. 

    Did not find them willing to take the jig and crawler like my past visits in 2014 and 2015 (which were both in early September).

    Experimented this time with some homemade bottom bouncers just to see how they would run. It was during day light but I was not ready for the night shift with them. My boat trolls to fast, about 2 - 2.2 mph into the current and that is something I know I will need to address to be effective.

    Nice catch Esox. Maybe a muskie bite on your walleye?

    Good luck to those lucky enough to get out. I am going to be back later this summer.


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