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  1. Nice job Bosco... were you fishing at night or during daytime? I may try there with my kayak soon. Thanks.

  2. Great buck and recovery story with your wife. Maybe the odor is due to it spending the night without getting dressed out. Glad you were able to salvage most of the meat. 250 yards with a muzzleloader and no apparent sign of a hit you showed really great commitment to go back out and continue the search. You were rewarded.

    You are a great Sportsman Kevin.

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  3. I caught a smallmouth with a condition like that on Owasco Lake a few years ago. It was about 19 inches long and had a normal head but allskin and bones with a big curve in the spine. 

  4. If you are set up to troll and have a fish finder I would start by trolling sticks and harnesses in 25 to 40 feet of water. Troll east and look for marks on your screen. If you find some stay on them. I haven't been to Oneida this summer but usually caught eyes fishing the drop off on the north shore just east of Cleveland dock. I like to jig with bucktail jig with a night crawler. Good luck. Hopefully you get some.

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  5. Congrats on a great fish BassMrs.Ster.


    This has been a very enjoyable thread to read. I have enjoyed all the comments from great fishermen thanking other great fishermen for all they have learned.

    I have learned so much from being on this forum and I am still slowly coming up the curve.

    Without reading Kevin's helpful posts over the last 6 or 7 years I would have never experienced catching a few of those strong SLR eyes.

    Lyk2fish has helped more than he knows in my quest to finally get an Owasco eye (then a second one) a couple weeks ago.

    Justin clued me into the enjoyment of jigging eyes in general and I got one on I-bay and SLR that way.

    Tomorrow I am off to Lake Erie for some crawler harness bottom bouncing.

    Ah yes,such a great fish and sport! 

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