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  1. Hi Devo, I think the reason there are very few chiming in with tips and info may be that not many people fish for eyes on the bay? I live in Rochester but travel to Erie or Oneida to fish for eyes. I have never caught an eye on the bay so I did not reply. I have enjoyed reading this thread though. I plan to give it a try sometime. There were some old threads and posts that indicated casting sticks at night into the shallows may be effective? 

  2. Great report rolmops. Great results, especially for no electronics.
    I was there last week and did some trolling for trout on a few days.
    I never got out early for the prime time and caught just 1 laker. Unfortunately I found the fleas to be pretty heavy.
    One day we went for perch and did well. Great fish dinner.

    I was trolling spoons for trout in the 40 to 50 foot range on dipseys.

    Glad you did well. We're you using spoons?

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  3. I am impressed with the role that the male bass plays in protecting the nest. I knew that but seeing it so vividly in action is great. 


    There is a lot of politics in the setting of Fish and Game laws unfortunately. Look at the whole issue of "antler restrictions" for a classic example of the politicians trying to over ride the DEC and force a law on the general population. Bass fishing is big business and has a huge lobby of organizations and businesses behind them to drive laws like catch and release. I do not know the history of the regulation change but after seeing this video I certainly smell something and it is coming from down by Albany. This video should be used as argument #1 in repealing C&R regs.

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