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  1. Well me and my brother installed a new hardtop, bought some new shiny bay rats and headed to stuff the bait into the Genny for the season. Of course the chaos was fast and furious right from the start. We blew a tire on 490 10 minutes into the trip. After a quick swap of the spare we made it to the launch. Only to realize that hose blew and we were taking on water.

    So fast forward 24 hours fixed everything stuffed the boat in and headed out last night about 4 o’clock.


    Big waves. Didn’t care. Nailed two browns. Both on purple bayrats. One was 10ft behind the motor in the wash. I’ve always heard of this and it’s never worked but it worked yesterday was awesome.


    Had a great time just being on the water.





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  2. Had great trip up the Genesee last night with a friend and his son. We nailed one king on a black and silver rapala top line off a board. I forgot how nice the scenery is up the river. As we were trolling a couple fawns swam across the river right in front of us.


    Plan on going out deep one or two more times and probably wrapping it up for the season. Was hoping to nail an Atlantic this year. Maybe next year..Adjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPG



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