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  1. So I attended the 2020 Salmon school at the expo yesterday in Niagara Falls. It was first class. I learned so many techniques and "little tips" that will be very helpful.

    The presentation focused on boats from 18 ft to 24ft, running a six rod spread. Meat, FF, spoons, long lines, when and where to run em and why.


    Had a segment on electronics as well. They brought in an expert on reading, tuning and techniques of how to set and dial in your fishing finder.


    They gave away lures, flashers, hooks, major discount codes for future purchases to eveyone who attended. And two different raffles with really cool giveaways.


    I wanted to say thanks to the three incredible captains that put on this presentation and all the behind the scenes preparation. For me it was so valuable to learn the little things.


    Super job guys. Can't wait to get the boat in the water!


    Tim F


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  2. Leader question here. When tying my leaders I'm using a Barrell swivel to connect my mono line to my mono leader. Is this correct?


    I have read about the Albright knot for mono to mono leader which would eliminate the Barrell swivel.


    Second, and this question is regarding trolling for Kings. What size (possibly manufacturer) swivel is best for attaching spoons at the end of my mono leader?


    Id like to get a system and stick with it for 2020 to make things easier.


    Thanks again. So much incredible knowledge on this site I'm trying to fine tune the little things this winter.


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  3. Dear Lucky 13. You mentioned "That some lakefront property owners enjoyed flood control benefits from the narrowed range of lake stage that obtained from the opening in 1959-60 until recently is lagniappe, a 'little extra', but was not the primary intended purpose of the project.  


    Having a famiky cottage in the SLR for over 80 years I understand the the history of the shipping interest etc. However family homes, cottages and business were on the river long before the seaway opened up. So I feel that the incredible profits made with hydro and shipping since 1959-1960 should be shared.


    And "a little extra help" ? My friend we are most likely going to lose our cottage forever. I'm not blaming anyone. I just think some people need  to understand the devistation this has brought to both Canada and the US. 6000 people in Montreal displaced. It's heartbreaking. Marina's jobs homes etc. For me personally  It's hard to read your post.  Like this is something so black and white. We have heard so many different interpretations of why we are at this point it's maddening.


    So let's cross our fingers for the best. Merry Christmas everyone. Can't wait to get the boat in the water. Tying leaders today 👍



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