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  1. B05D928E-E8C1-4A78-A5EF-7A60FA5409D3.jpeg.2f63f039a7656097d48a2bef2e33a745.jpeg9164098C-8D99-41A5-BC65-30484F0DBF07.jpeg.ba58769c72041b076635c9233168b169.jpeg6C62762B-5C4A-4833-8B90-50D336198571.jpeg.c585166d4d36437976c1f55963260397.jpegEEB04AD1-D2CA-493D-85B1-286C21BDF304.jpeg.d0f02e92643ff999d79b7a51d1c3c6d5.jpeg6748A4C2-A0FD-4441-AAC3-34B3A83871F5.jpeg.172b2454d417fe23673e4c70a423b011.jpegA0969F8B-2700-4820-AD9F-E27240178466.jpeg.22defb6ac37ee787ba25f3ce06b7d1db.jpeg6A231775-8E44-40B6-92F0-9B03A6A50F08.jpeg.1aa177a2445010b80595237a69b9929e.jpeg8186F56D-5189-4098-9AC1-02635C1C6D87.jpeg.5385e4d268652db7893919e08b544704.jpegA354F1FE-A73B-47F0-BA2E-6AF944163FC4.jpeg.4003afcccd0a9a32d7556baf897b37ef.jpeg

    New, in box, electronic predator calls ready to go for upcoming hunts. Do the research. Priced to sell!! I regularly get to the Central Square NY area or will ship if you pay the ride. 

    Lucky Duck Revolt - $390

    Lucky Duck Rebel - $115

    Mantis Pro 400 - $130

    IcoTec Gen2 GC300 - $75.

  2. 6 hours ago, sstout said:

    It worked fine for me this morning at about 530am. I paid with cash though. Without too much detail, what depth did you get your hits at? I was all over the place depth wise and got skunked. I did get off a little early though. 

    85’ down was what I took the 2 on rigger with spoon. Other was dipsey set on 3, 300’ back. 

  3. I have been having trouble the last few weeks getting my receipt from the machine at the launch and then it tells me this morning that my card is invalid. There were a handful of slips on top of the machine at 5am this morning and last week it spit about 6 out at the folks that walked back up to fight with it, like me after parking.


    I received a warning today for not paying so I ran  over to Selkirk, as they manage, and discussed the issues. I was told that my card is valid, I may have not waited long enough for my receipt or the scan  and yes there has been paper jams. 


    I paid for a 3 year pass this spring and can’t wait to get a ticket in the mail because of faulty equipment. At least they went above and beyond to keep the launch open this year. 


    I did go 3 for 3, slow but better than some Saturday’s. 


    Please advise if if you have had trouble at the ticket machine!

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