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  1. I picked up a free depth raider but have never used it before. Does this need a power cable, can’t seem to get it to turn on? Or does it just run off of the battery power in the probe?  

    thanks for any help

  2. Well to be honest those were some of my friends dads fish, I caught one of the bass and the brown trout. They live simple and eat what they catch, the smaller bass was legal but had badly swallowed the hook. Better to eat then let rot he said. And I agree if I had caught the brooks personally, I would have thrown the back knowing the rareness to them but not my fish to decide. He also said he caught a few other brooks the week before. 

  3. Combined. With a buddy. We ran tip ups and sat and jigged. I got my rainbow on my jigging rod and he got the other on a tip up. Spooled all the line off by the time we got there. Only the little knot kept it on. Got about 15 pickerel by the end of the day too

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  4. When do you use them and in what applications? I have a bunch of them but don’t always know when to use them. Do you run them in front of spoons only? When and why do you use them? How far back do you put your bait. Trolling for what fish do they work the best? I have flashers dodgers spin doctors and those rectangular one with the angled ends.


    Just been trying to figure out how to use them better.





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  5. New to fishing Ontario and need a few pointers. I bought a big lot of salmon gear from a guy on here and just need to know how to use it. When you guys troll with spoons do you use flasher or any other attractors? I have big magnum flashers and spinner and magnum spoons and dipseys and chinook divers. What’s the best 6-8 rod spread with two downriggers and how do you present each of them. I’ve got flies spoonds gabmlers cowbells flasher spin doctors rapals and if you can tell me the size of each of those things that work the best. Most of my experience is on the finger lakes. Thanks guys!!!



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