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  1. 16 hours ago, Matt From Kingston said:

    super noob question here: I notice most people on here talk depth in foot of water when reporting where they are fishing, but people who post oak orchard reports talk about lines which i would have to assume(hopefully correctly) is latitude minutes. Just wondering why...

    I think one reason you see it more from the oak than other ports is we seem to have a great late summer offshore fishery.  Some years we have good fishing inshore but on years with crazy winds we spend most of later summer offshore. Alos the lake bottom seems to flatten out and not change as fast once you get to 300 fow. So the north lines seem easier. that's just my take on it. I have fished up and down the lake shore, but live right here at the oak so maybe I am biased but this area seems to have the best summer offshore fishing on Lake ontario.  From here to rochester seems like the prime area in summer. 

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  2. When the lake is calm for a few days this time of year , there is 70 + degree water down to 50 to 70 ft . Strong west ,south or north winds may push that deeper or shallow but it doesn't make surface temps 40 . 
    So east winds should just push the top layer around the lake clockwise like whirlpool in your scenario ? 
    Nope , I don't buy the current has nothing to do with it . I think it has  everything to do with it . 
    But I could be wrong . 
    It's all caused by wind moving the water , so that's current.. all you have to do is go out the few days after when it's all getting straighted out and put a probe out troll all different directions with out changing your speed over ground and you will see how much the water is moving to be tit back to the normal temps

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  3. Yes it is kind of a flip . That cold water was down deep because no where on the lake when the wind stops blowing this time of year is 44 degrees so that cold water that's now on top at he shore sure came from under some place ..so the term flip is kind of right ..yes the entire lake does not get turned up side down ..but it forces cold water that once was down deep to be on the surface. And I have seen it before when it's first happening that close to shore the surface is colder than the down temp . It can last long that way. It it happens.

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  4. Fixed sliders all the way ..no tangles good hook ups and you know what water your covering . These are what I use they are home made from offshore releases. Snap goes around main line , leader goes on split ring ..the clip release to main line to hold in place .. simple and very effective . And keep your cheater line short makes it easy to net fish and less tangles in the net . I do like 6 foot or less IMG_20220714_202502767.jpg

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  5. I fished tonight it was crazy not even sure how many small kings we got .. but got 4 matures a pile of 6 to 10 pound kings few skips and 4 nice steelhead . 25..5 to 26.6 line was best fish came all over ..1
    0.color, riggers from 75 to 50 ..divers 160 and 200. Spoons on riggers and flasher fly on divers ..can't tell you the best spoon ot depth everything went and over and over .lol ..matures came on deepest rigger with spoon and 10 color and diver never had 2 matures on same setup .. but action was fast and crazy ..seems they came in flurries of 2 to 4 bites every time we hit bait .

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  6. One other thing to check is if the line on the reel is lined up perfectly with the line guide. When wire is tightened up ... say from a fish being on ... lots of tension.
    If the wire wasn't put on tight, or has a flexible backing (like mono) ... it will get out of sync with the line guide ... and that will cause a lot of friction.
    This can also happen spooling it up if you let the line reel on the reel after it goes inside of the level wind. This gets the level wind out of line with the line on the spool easiest way to fix this is to put a good size sinker on it and the next time you go out let the line out way past where you will ever have a fish pull the drag out so say like 600 feet or so on your counter ..and then reel it back in that puts good tension on the line and saves you trying to do it at home.

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  7. Mine are older they were made by anglers choice. I used to be a manufacturer rep for them in the early 90's and had a few sets of them around left over. I am on my last set and I have to do a repair to one of them right now. But any ones work. Biggest trick is to hook them close to the bow, always run one on each side so the boat tracks straight. And keep a rear line on them that is fairly tight. That is what keeps them from wondering under the boat , or off to the side. I have mine set so they are just a little past half way back my boat foot when they are in the water. And the back line is hooked to the rear cleat, it keeps the tension on them and it makes them easy to lift out of the water.

    The rear rope attachment is what let loose on mine

    I put a couple pics of how they hang and the one that's blown up I am fixing IMG_20210928_160919152.jpgdownload_20210928_161440.jpgdownload_20210928_161542.jpg

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