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  1. We fished 420 ft of water we've been in that area for a week pre fishing. We worked from 50 ft down all the way to 125 feet down we literally ran a 4 Rod spread all day I went with my best gear and my best lures and fished with confidence. With four ladies on the boat and no first mate to set rods,all the pressure was on me. In this tournament I felt it was essential to not just hook fish, but you also have to land them and running a four rods bread instead of eight Rod spread may have been the BEST decision I made as captain. We had five in the Box before 7:30 a.m.. flasher fly and my homemade meet Riggs with my homemade brined Herring strips We're essential. Only caught one fish on a spoon so we switched over to all flasher flies and meat. Our sub troll speed was 2 and 3/4 and we were catching fish on the outside Rod during turns that blew my mind. So we went with it and had great success.
    This tournament was not only an incredible fishing experience but an essential team-building experience for myself and staff at our hair salon...SYNERGY HAIR STUDIO. I encourage all small business owners to assemble a team and either take out one of our incredible Charter Captain here in our local Waters or network and find someone with at least an 18 foot boat that has the gear to do this trip he won't be disappointed Stephanie and Vince are absolute rock stars they are a power couple in which my wife and I look up to.IMG-20210821-WA0023.jpgIMG-20210821-WA0022.jpg20210820_093807.jpgIMG-20210821-WA0014.jpg20210820_065934.jpg20210820_065741.jpgIMG-20210821-WA0005.jpg20210820_063958.jpg20210820_064009.jpg20210820_064256.jpg51341.jpgIMG-20210821-WA0007.jpg51343.jpg20210819_180341.jpg

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  2. Fantastic job out there on uncharted waters! Pulling that buzzer beater major had to be a thrill for all involved. Bite was a grind but you guys/gals did great as expected.

    I'm happy to see the "small boat army" representing out there! I wish 5th place would start a post so we could congratulate him too........

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    I do apologize my post heaven next to nil the last couple years. The fishing has been incredible. With our fifth-placed finish I am more proud than I've ever been to represent for us small boat Army. That's a catchy phrase.

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