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hard knox

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    Malone, NY
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    hunting ,fishing ,trapping ,taxidermy.
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    peru lake champlain
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    hard knox

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  1. hard knox

    Must Have Gear

    My ugly spoons keith lol
  2. Fished the trench wensday was very rough picked up a skippy with not many marks at all so slid back towards the cut found a nice pocket of browns and picked away at them for a few hours caught some nice ones lost a huge one that got tangled in the gear tried to hand line him to the net snapped 25lb blue label off a the boat .ERR
  3. hard knox


  4. hard knox


    thanks guys figures got storms coming !
  5. hard knox


    Wow thats rough but it happens to all of us one day you slay them the next they can be gone hopefully it will turn back on will be there tuesday thru sunday .Thanks for the report !
  6. Heading to Oswego was wondering best place to start thinking out deep around 400 and work out to 600 but would hate to drive right by them will be looking for that bigger class of fish . THANKS
  7. hard knox

    for sale : usa Trolling flies

    Thanks for my last order chip they look great.
  8. hard knox

    Targeting Coho

    Last coho i caught it 150 down on rigger on orange flasher with red meat rig but temp break was way down at 140 feet.
  9. hard knox

    Targeting Coho

    Asked about coho last year as to when they might stage and were got no response i have only caught a few during sept . I would say they are off shore most of the year and spawn after the kings are done but as to what river is best i have no idea .
  10. hard knox

    hauling over size boat ?

    I love that idea but i am not very lucky we it comes to the law .
  11. hard knox

    hauling over size boat ?

    Looking at buying a used boat and was wounding just what is required in hauling a oversize boat to be legal the boat is 9ft 10 . Thinking i would haul it to Oswego and put it in a slip or leave it on trailer in secure parking somewhere each season but will need to haul occasionally . THANKS
  12. hard knox

    Diver in Chute

    You will lose fish that rise up into wire diver but if you add a stern planer you can deploy it with out a problem buy running it as a long center . If you have a big fish on you can let it fall back by free spooling on clicker and fight your other fish under it .
  13. hard knox

    “Duffy” from Wicked Tuna

    There could be a lot worse reality show o wait there has been ! RIP DUFFY
  14. hard knox

    In close

    On sat it was higher as well as it varied in location and seemed to be changing as the day went on with wind and wave switch .