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  1. Awesome tip. Thanks for the information irg355
  2. Just wanted to throw some quick information out there. Went out today of Henderson good marks and a few salmon 150 fow. But my heavens the FLEAS are terrible right now. Some of the worst i ever saw. Be prepared. Tight lines!
  3. Hello anyone have any starting points for salmon/trout Henderson area or nearby? I launched out of stony last 2 weeks found bait one day 70 fow picked up steelhead and went back a few days later no bait to be found. See alot of lakers marked on bottom but not much else. Looking to take some friends out this week that haven’t fished much before. Tight lines !
  4. Thanks we tried out to 200 1 dipsy fired that was it very little bait. The last few weeks out of Henderson have been good. I wanted to try something different. It was definitely different. Lol
  5. Fishing out of Mexico today instead of Henderson dont seem to be marking much. Started in 100-170 not much to be seen ? Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Yes. We launched from Henderson harbor I haven’t tried the trench yet. We did great there in August last year. May try that next outing
  7. I went out yesterday after having some successful trips days prior. We hooked up with 4 beautiful fish just outside the wall. We lost all of them 🤦‍♂️ I took a friend that was new to fishing so he had a lil trouble reeling em in keeping line tight. Then i lost a few. They seemed to be biting light yesterday for us. It still was a blast just not our day. Hahahaha. We were 120-150 45 foot down flasher and spoon bite. Tight lines everyone!
  8. I guess its all preference lol and what they want from one day to the next
  9. Meat rigs are off to a very slow start from what im hearing and seeing spoon bite and fly is doing better at the moment
  10. Agoohasin1

    Tough bite

    Its been the same across the board. We fish a lot in Henderson/Chaumont bay and Alex bay areas. Were maybe doing 1 fish a day at best. very slow and water is much colder this time of year then the last 2 years. We switched over for salmon and brown trout for a little while is awesome already and their shallow staging depths lots of fun tight lines!
  11. Hello good luck I was out there a few days ago and a few days prior to that scouting. Believe it or not the bite has been starting in 70-90 fow early with baitfish then moving out to 130-150 by noon. Flasher spoon seems to be doing the trick and just spoons anything with some green in it or UV if its cloudy. The bite seems to be great 50-60 foot down at times they seem to shift closer to 100 foot down. Should be another great year tight lines!
  12. Preferences on running flashers( Dipsy or Riggers)? I was wondering what some of you thought as to running flashers off Dipsy or Down riggers what are your preferences and why Thanks
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