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  1. Crestliner Sabre 19.6 ft

    Hull is in great shape, needs a new paint job.

    Transom is brand new.

    Had an mercruiser but I sold it and the Johnson 150hp was sold as well.

    Interior is stripped down and ready to rebuild.

    1000$ obo

    I can sell it for scrap for 800$ I just find it’s a shame if I do.

    Trailer can be included for 1400$ more.




  2. I think most people use the expandable foam that comes in cans like paint.. Not sure if they do small sections so they can ream out the drain holes. Maybe run a line of rope through them and then pull it back and forth then pull it all the way out. Some guys use pool noodles , even read where someone was contemplating ping pong balls. You would have to check/Google Canadian boating laws in regard to legality. Think its something like 20' and under in the USA that it's required.

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  3. Sounds like the floor has already been replaced before and the foam was removed at that time.
    I just redid the floor in my sabre and there was factory foam still there and in good enough shape that I didn't replace.
    Im not sure if its a legal requirement but I would definitely put new stuff in. If anything for the piece of mind knowing Illl be safer should the worst happen.

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  4. Hi guys, I’m from Canada and I rebuilding a Crestliner Sabre I bought, it’s clean and I’m converting it from inbord to outboard.

    I ripped out the flooring and I’m in the process of putting the new floor in.

    Do I have to put expansion foam or can I leave it bare?

    Doesnt seem like it had any before, is there a law that you have to have some in?

    Thanks guys



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  5. Anti fouling paint is toxic and dry sanding sends clouds of dust in all directions, coats everything nearby and is a serious health hazard. Wet sanding is safer. If you dry sand it you will need a respirator and cover everything. The dust will etch into gelcoat. Don't ask me how I know...

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    Thanks for the info MikeNY but do i need to sand it down to the aluminum or do i need to only get to the original paint?
    And before re-applying it should i repaint the bottom with primer and paint and then anti-fouling? Thank you.

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  6. Hi guys, a few months ago i pick up what seemed to be a steal of a deal... i bought a Sabre Crestliner 19 feet... i paid 1500$ with a galvanized trailer and the mercruiser engine and lower unit in great shape, i figured that the bought should be in good shape as well... in the last few months i stripped the whole boat and now im in the midst of rebuilding it, im getting ready to paint it soon and id like to know if i should sand the bottom of it bare and prime and paint, it seems to have a coat of anti-fouling... so i wonder how deep i should sans it before i repaint?

    Thanks for your help.



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  7. Well i was thinking of taking the plywood completely out and putting pvc decking boards.. they are a little heavier than plywood but no rot ever, they sell pvc boards that are hollow in the middle maybe ill see if those are lighter thank you Big Dave & pap

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