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  1. Okay thanks much appreciated on the info. Trying to figure out where I’m gonna fish this Saturday now that the rain probably blew out the rivers on me. Thought about going on Otisco. Haven’t been since 2017

  2. Well I'm going regardless to bring the kids up to Alexandria bay I was just worried about the unsafe currents trolling at nighttime like we have done for years. I fish primarily and night and early morning while the kids are sleeping. Best of both worlds fish for world class muskies and not miss time with the kids during the day can't go wrong. If they were bigger then would be on the river with me.



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  3. Anyone have any details on the water levels at st Lawrence? Especially where the rivers are flowing in. I'm hearing the river is extremely high to the point where the entire river has a no wake zone. Bringing the family up this weekend but what I'm hearing doesn't sound good. Also hearing the launches may not be open. Any information would be great



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  4. I have to strongly agree. My children are very young so they would just be going for the experience and fun. I would like to plan on having them involved next summer on every event I finally attend because they will be old enough by then. It is all about the next generation and expanding the organization for years to come [emoji1303]



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  5. Call me crazy but this is completely changing the convo up a bit but I always thought it would be fun to have a tournament through musky inc for one day where everyone can fish their favorite musky waters and compete for biggest fish of that day and figure a way out to enter results to one person with video/pics etc. It would allow guys that live far away to compete with everyone for one day that normally can't make it for whatever reason even if it is just for fun. Plus it would make for a good article in the magazine. Just a thought lol

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  6. I just picked up a new graph for the bow as I anxiously wait for the first Saturday in May to arrive and it has the autochart Live feature. This is all new to me and I am trying grasp the concept of it before I get on the water this year. I have watched a few videos on it and doesn't seem that difficult. Anyone have any luck or advice with it?
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