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  1. Just wanted to update interested parties on reels. The first two people that responed to post purchased all but one sg47lc.


    -have one sg 47lc left - this reel has excessive exterior wear but still works fine - will let it go for $45 plus shipping.

    -have six of the 47LC remaining at $50 per unit plus shipping


    Thank you for all the interest.

  2. 7 hours ago, bigwalleye said:

    Next in line for a couple SGs. I’m near Seneca Lake in NY fyi can pickup if nearby.

    7 hours ago, greenbriar said:

    Get back to you later with shipping cost. Thank you

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    6 hours ago, oneluvunknown said:

    Top or bottom reels? For the SG47LCScreenshot_20200727-095236_Chrome.jpeg

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    Please send me your address and zip code and i will get you the shipping cost. thx Mike

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