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  1. 2 hours ago, sherman brown said:

    i don't use the lite bite slide diver for a longer leader but for the lite bite feature. i've used longer leads for walleye on erie but do just as good with 6' and over. some guys go as short as 5' with a dipsy and still catch fish. the lite bite has a lure tension that when set right even white perch will trip the diver keeping me from dragging a small fish around for long periods that's just long times that lure wont be catching fish.

    That's what got my attention. Good set up for lighter tackle on Cayuga. Hate drowning small fish. Inshore kings doesn't mater much. They just grab and go.

  2. 7 minutes ago, sherman brown said:

    the  big improvement is you can choose the length of your leader. i use the lite bite version and use it like a dipsy with a fixed 7'leader.


    if you want to get deeper than about 65' you need to get the 7 oz conversion. it has a 7 oz weight and use a large ring and get deeper than the regular weight. i don't know if they have a dive curve for it so you may need to make your own.


    go to 50' of water with your diver set on whatever you use and at your normal trolling speed. now let out line slowly until you start bumping bottom. whatever you get divide it by 10. like say it takes 120' divided by 10 would give you 12. then divide 50' of water by the 12 it would give you 4.16 which i would round off to 4.2. that would be your dive curve for every 10' of line you let out you would dive 4.2' you would need to let out 238' to get close to 100' deep. of course you will not get 120' ft but use what you get and divide by 10' then take that number and dived 50' and that will be your dive curve for every 10' of line you let out. and it will get you very close. it will get you much deeper than a standard slide diver or a dipsy.

    Great info. Guess I'll have to graduate to wire instead of 50lb braid. Lol

  3. 14 hours ago, HB2 said:

    Went back out at 530 . 


    Drove out to 40 ft and headed north . Was a little sporty out there but laying down . Was best pic I have seen in a long while from 45 to 60 ft on bottom .Lots of big hooks .  Managed 1 very nice female and lost another on  a #4 glow green fluorescent J plug .


    Back at it in the morning if it's not to rough . 


    I love my slide divers . They work great and have saved the day for Me numerous times . I don't  use them enough . Less than 6o ft is where they  shine .  

    Good deal. I might have to get a couple of those sliders. Is the math the same as the fixed? 

  4. 1 minute ago, Fat Trout said:

    Yep....don't trust that guy, he's a little nutty.  Good luck this weekend Clarke!  I'm probably not out this weekend since I'll be up the next month+ of weekends hitting the river or combat zone lake as conditions allow.  Post upso I can regret my decision!  I was referencing your 26# fish  posted earlier but glad I could create some confusion lol.  

    Mike's a menace to society.  



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  5. Heading up tomorrow morning for another go at it. Looks like the lady might give us a decent day Saturday. Conflicting wave forecasts as usual but looks like <1 with a few bumps thrown in. Can't catch em from the couch. I'll probe the 100+ Fri afternoon see what's going on. Would like to target fresh fish especially steel, but not above dragging the 50 for mud sharks. Be safe folks, head on a swivel. See you out there.

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  6. I don't spend enough time to give scientific data, but I can say that the average length to weight of stagers in Mexico have decreased in the last 12 yrs. Based again on a handful of personal catches and comparisons to others . The one male king we boated last weekend was 39" - 26.9 lbs with a 24 1/2" girth. Fattest king I've ever caught in that size bracket. 

    Less fish more bait? I have no idea. He had all of his fins, natural spawn? Curious. 

  7. It was great to bump into you again Fat Trout. Last Saturday was definitely a perfect day. Great pic!! We had a knock off doing the same thing, scared the crap out of my grandson Andrew. Makes you wonder how long that fish was following. 😆  We're making a run this weekend for a 911 memorial cruise. Maybe I'll see you there. 

    Oh, ..you lost me on the 26? I don't think I've landed 26 salmon in my career on that rig.🤣

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