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  1. Headed out solo at 7AM and stopped in 80’ of water and headed into 100’ where I found bait + salmon in the same areas as last weekend. Pounded several pods until 11AM switching spoons, flashers, flies, meat, and j-plugs coming from different angles. Two male kings and a brown were landed. All three came within 20 minutes of sending Dirty White Boy down to 90’.


    The kings landed last weekend and yesterday were already starting to color up and had tight stomachs with no baitfish.







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  2. Thank you! 
    Yes I would be interested in the information 
    i have a 23 foot Rinker cuddly on a dual axle yacht club trailer
    i normally fish about once a week, during the week, from early June until late August
    looking for a place to park, pull in early am hook up launch, fish until about 12 back in park and cover and gone! Keep it simple!
    also I think you are involved with Lotsa too and the show
    i need a lot of gear and normally buy all my stuff at the show
    i would rather buy from a local guy who supports LOTSA etc, know anybody?
    thanks again
    I second Krenzers. I've been doing what you mentioned for the last few years. The dry dock lot is about 1/4 from the public ramp, and about 1.5 miles to the Krenzer launch.

    Steve went out of his way to help me several years ago, so I keep coming back to them.


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  3. Started around 6:30AM and landed two 8-10lb kings back to back on a mag Dreamweaver down 80' over 130. Then not another hit for 2 hours. The next rip was on a frog spin doctor and fly, out 200' on a 2 setting, and that ended up being a male just over 24#. We marked alot of fish between 30'-50' but wrote them off as dinks and never fished for them. Called it quits at 11am and headed in.


    We headed back out at 4:30pm and trolled from 90'-180' with few marks and no hits before we turned around and hit the locations from the morning. 90% of the fish were still up high, so we figured we'd catch a few small guys to salvage the night. SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!! Set a dipsy 100' out on a 2 with a spin doctor and fly, then lowered a rigger with a Dreamweaver Super Slim down to 35', and within 2 minutes we had a double on matures. Over the next 1 1/2 hours, the super slims took consistent mature kings 30'-55' down over 110'-120'. 40' was the best. Spin Doctors and flies took the largest fish, but the super slims put up the numbers.





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  4. Running the "go to" stuff seems to change year to year.  What was hot last year may not buy many bites this year.  I have found changing up lures when the bite slows, changing presentations, not getting hung up on what worked last year, and changing speeds helped during slow times.  I have found on somedays too many flashers can be a bad thing when the bite slows.  Take some out of your spread and see if it changes things.  Two years ago during the Sandy Creek Shootout, I was watching the fish streak into the rigger spread and not commit.  I pulled the flashers out of the spread and we started firing rods like crazy.  We ended up upgrading 3 kings in our box in the last hour and a half after I pulled the flashers.  Also pay attention to the graph.  Later in the day, we find more kings deep and out of temp.  
    I appreciate the input. And like you said about "go-to's, I found out on Sunday, one specific flasher/SD color made the day. It was a discontinued color I haven't used in several years. And was NEVER a go-to color. This year we've been doing alot of unorthodox stuff when the sun is beating down, but haven't found a pattern that works.

    Our normal setup is 2 riggers with spoons, 2 dipsey/FF, and a leadcore rod. If we start taking fish on spoons, we swap the FF with spoons, and vice versa. But we always keep at least one spoon or FF in the spread.

    Sunday morning I broke down and tried 15lb fluoro on a downrigger/spoon. Sure enough, 10 minutes later we had a big steelhead skyrocketing behind the boat and broke the line. I immediately switched back to heavier leader. Id prefer fewer hits, quicker fights, and less breakoffs than killing every fish from long fights in warm water. Maybe we would do better with lighter leaders in high sun, but I've never had issues before!?!?


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  5. Not sure what you're running early, but standard rule of thumb is glows early, then switch to silver/chrome, UVs. Also try stretching your lead back from the ball. As the sun gets higher they can see everything much better

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    I usually start with a UV spoon on one rigger, and then a standard or glow finish on another, which is usually a different brand. I swap them out as fish decide which they prefer, but this year, sun = skunk 90% of the time.

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  6. Last evening we hit the same locations we marked fish in the morning, but after a couple hours and only a few marks we headed in early. No takers.


    Started in the same area this morning (145-160), but after an hour of seeing few fish and no takers, we headed East with the wind for new water. (Same water depth)


    Shortly after trolling East with the wind, we started taking hits from steelhead on spoons (50'-60') on the riggers, and mature kings on a dipsey/FF out 200' on a 2 setting.


    There was one hot rod, spin doctor fly combo, that took hit after hit while the others did nothing for the longest time. Of course, that was the only Spin Doctor in that color, and every other flasher and SD we put out did NOT take a fish. Same rigs, same presentation, but no hits.


    UV Glow Frog took a few steelhead and landed my 5 year old daughter's first Ontario fish, which was an 11lb Atlantic. The Spin Doctor was clear with a green top edge and silver tape on the back. The fly was olive pearl.


    Ended up 4/15 in that half mile stretch, passing 3 times.




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  7. Thanks for the only reply!!!

    Bad scent was a thought of mine, but I ruled that out because we'll take hits regularly on the same rigs before the sun beats down, then nothing after (without changing anything or touching anything).

    I use smelly jelly on my Kwikfish while backtrolling salmon in the rivers, so maybe I'll try something similar on my spoons.


    Some kind of bad scent issue??  cleaning supplies, gasoline, suntan lotion, etc.    Try something on the lures.... Smelly jelly, Pro cure, herring oil....  any bananas on board??

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  8. Generally I do well enough to keep me satisfied while the sun is on the water, but this year I can't catch a break. Just looking for some advice from others on what they do if the fishing is great during low light, but your fish "shut off" when the sun comes up.


    Frustration is starting to kick in. As of late, I've seen too many fish come to my riggers, follow, and not take. Even my go-to dipsy set-ups aren't taking hits. Tried varying my leads from the rigger balls between 10'-35', switching spoon colors (greens, blue, blacks, whites, UV, glow,etc), switching spoon brands (DW and MS), standards and mags, direction of troll, stop/go if I have followers and no takes..etc.. The only thing I haven't done is drop from 20lb fluoro to 15lb and extend the length between my ball and spoon.


    What gives????







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  9. Another late start around 6:30. Dropped the first rigger at 80' in 137' FOW and within a minute lost our first king on a UV Green Gator. Quickly lowered the other rigger with a glow frog and within a minute had our second king on. Thought we were going to pound them, but the fish had other plans. Soaked gear for 2 1/2 hours without a hit before we went back to where we started and had a screamer on a dipsey/FF out 150'. After taking 300' of line it chewed through the leader.


    I overheard a charter boat at the docks say they hooked into 17, so people are obviously on some fish and doing better than us!



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  10. Started fishing around 6:45 and ended at 11:30. Worked 150'-165' FOW even though most boats were out deeper again. Caught 2 steelhead and 3 kings before the sun came out and then we couldn't get a hit. The two biggest kings (15-16lbs) were down 50' on a UV Green Gator spoon, the other 3 fish took FF down 75' and 100'. Lost a couple more after a few headshakes.


    Maybe next weekend I'll head out deeper if the wind cooperates long enough.




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  11. Fished Sodus Bay in the morning for a couple hours because the Lake was too rough and then headed to Cayuga. It was the first time for us launching out of Dean's Cove and it produced well. 40'-200' FOW, fish all over the water column, and quite frankly too many lake trout . Purple Nuclear SD/black purple fly behind a dipsey became obnoxious. 50'-150' out, didn't matter. We pulled that rod after 15 fish or so. Flatlined several stickbaits behind a board to no avail. One landlock around 20" 30' down on a purple/silver spoon.


    I love lake trout, but after 30+ 20"-24" fish, it's more work than fun, lol.


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    Brand New in the box. Original packaging.


    PayPal with shipping or local pickup (Central PA)


    MR F77W Fixed Mount Class D VHF Radio - 25W - White


    The Cobra MR F77 is a truly unique VHF radio with its large LCD display and an integrated GPS receiver making the radio ready out of the box to be a complete life saving solution. If a user sends a vessel Distress, their EXACT position will be sent to the rescue authorities.


    The selectable 1 or 25 Watt output is perfect for short range or long range communication.


    Included is Cobra's exclusive Rewind-Say-Again digital voice recorder, 4 softkeys positioned at the bottom of the LCD to allow the user to easily activate and navigate through menus. NOAA Weather Radio, Weather Alert, providing 24 hour access to audio broadcasts and Emergency Alerts to keep boaters safe and informed, IPX8/JIS8 Submersible, Instant channel 16/9, Scan, PA (Public Address) speaker output, External speaker output, Illuminated LCD, Signal strength meter (for radio receiver and GPS receiver), etc. Compliant with the latest FCC specifications for Class-D VHF radios.




    Built-In GPS Receiver - Simply connect the radio to power and the radio will know your location


    Rewind-Say-Again- Replay missed VHF calls. Automatically records the last 20 seconds with a digital voice recorder


    PA Output - PA function for public address to external speaker


    All NOAA Weather Channels - Instant access to national All Hazards and weather information, 24 hours a day




    Manufacturer : Cobra Electronics

    Manufacturer Part No : MR F77W GPS

    UPC : 028377201837

    Product : COBRA MR F77W 25 WATT FIXED MOUNT VHF RADIO WHITEdownload.jpeg.d6fec9d9005261e7235c9e8bd1dc8b60.jpeg


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