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  1. 5 hours ago, Zimmy4209 said:

    Getting my homemade boat trailer registered was literally the easiest experience I've ever encountered at the dmv. Walked in and walked out with this piece of paper that had my Vin number for the trailer. Went back the next day with a certified weight slip and walked out with my license plate. Everything since then has been done online considering I don't even live in NY anymore. Only reason you would need receipts is if you bought new stuff for trailer. Other than that tell them stuff was found laying around in your garage. Kinda funny on my trailer registration the color of my trailer is labeled "grey/rust"😁


    I see you did yours in 2010.  I have heard it was literally as easy as you said back then.  Something changed about 5-6 years ago, now they want you to get the weight slip 1st, then go to DMV with the slip, that form you showed plus a couple more, and receipts for the parts/pieces you used to build the trailer.  I am not sure why the rules changed, except it's NY...Go figure!

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  2. 2 hours ago, sherman brown said:

    it's pretty simple here in indiana. all we need is a bill of sale. then we have to get a police check just to make sure it doesn't have any numbers. then we take the bill of sale and the police check to the BMV and they send in to the state to get new numbers. the state issues new numbers which has to be stamped on a plate and mounted to the trailer. then we get another police check to make sure the new numbers are on the trailer in an acceptable manner. then back to the BMV and register the trailer and apply for a title.


    Yeah that's a little easier and more straightforward than the NYS process.  I have to get the trailer weighed, get an official weight slip, then fill out a reg form and a homemade trailer form, and a sales tax/use form and take all that plus my receipts for what I spent building the trailer to the NY DMV and hope that it is all ok with them.  I have spent about $400 total in parts to get it up to snuff, so hopefully they just accept it and register it as homemade....

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  3. Looking for advice from anyone who has registered a boat trailer recently that didn't have a previous registration, and also no VIN stickered or stamped on the frame.  I bought an older used trailer a few years ago knowing the PO didn't have the reg, and used it for a smaller 14' aluminum boat, just ran it with the plate and NYSI from my 17' boat trailer as needed.  Now I am fixing up the trailer to sell as a package with the 14' boat and outboard, and I want to be able to offer it with a valid registration.  I know I need to go to the CAT weight scale near me and get a certified weight slip, but the DMV info I am looking at says to be registered as "homemade" I need to supply receipts for the parts I used to build it.  I have bought a few things like spray paint and replacement axle seals, but that's about it.  How strict is that rule at the DMV in order to get the trailer registered?


    Thanks, Mike

  4. Beautiful Sunday morning to troll, took my nephew out for the 1st time.  It is surprising how much the water temp changes with a south wind, we started in 85 FOW but didn't find that 44-48 degree water until we were out in 150 FOW or more!  We went 2 for 4, with a nice eating size king and a beautiful spring steelhead.  I think its safe to say my nephew is hooked now...

    brody fish 1.jpg

    Brody fish 2.jpg

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  5. I had the same issue last summer, 03.8 for temp on my X4D probe.  It was out of warranty by 6 months, but I sent it in to Fish Hawk (Grayden Electronics is the actual name of the company I believe) and they said it couldn't be fixed, but they did offer me a sizable discount on a new probe.  They also sent me back the old probe so if the new one craps out, at least I will have speed and depth...Although temp is really key variable I am looking for.  I had a lengthy email exchange with Trevor, he did say there will be a new revision to the probe due out sometime this year to hopefully address the thermistor failure issues.  He wasn't sure when exactly, but at least that tells me they are working on the problem.  Overall I was really pleased with their customer service, but I was disappointed the thermistor crapped out after only 2 seasons of use...

  6. I finally broke down and got rid of the 15 year old back to back seat on the port side, and added another fishing seat.  Lots of room now in the back of the boat.  I also tied in my kicker to my main fuel tank with an anti-siphon valve off the fuel/water separator.  Pulled in the kicker closer to the boat with a homemade mount for my CMC power trim.  And I bought a cushion for my cooler and fabbed some snaps on the cooler so it looks right.  


    Still figuring out how to tie in the Raymarine ST1000+ auto pilot to my I/O, 1st step is to build a mounting box under the port side transom cover...

    boat pic 9.jpg

    boat pic 11.jpg

    cooler pic.jpg

    seat pic2.jpg

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  7. 23 minutes ago, EYE SPY said:

    I've done a little research on running off the separator, everyone seems to recommend the anti siphon nipple regardless of a check valve in the primer bulb. I found mine at West Marine for about $8, you need a nipple regardless so may as well get the anti siphon one

    Thanks, makes sense to me!

  8. Hi just jumping on this post, I am doing the same thing to my boat.  I was going to use a straight 1/4" ID fitting because my fuel/water separator has 2 outlets, and 1 just has a dummy plug in it.  But I was going to use a line from the separator to my kicker with an inline squeeze bulb in it- will that essentially serve the same purpose as an anti-siphon fitting/valve?



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