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  1. Docks are underwater at tfalls, docks are at water level in Treman. I have been advised water levels are not peaked yet and may rise substantially more. Large amounts of debris in the lake please be advised to be careful!!!
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    Yes I live in Cayuga, on Cayuga Lake. My pontoon boat lifted off the hoist last night. This morning my neighbor drove it into Hibiscus Harbor for a few days. No real damage it got caught between neighbors dock and sea wall. Luckily at an angle so the motor did not beat up. Here is my dock today

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  2. Heading up to try my luck on Thursday for the first time since my boat broke down. Going out of Dean's. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    We headed out Saturday heading South out of Hibiscus Harbor to Aurora and trolled back along the east side of the lake. It was quite windy which is why I only trolled going north. We found most marks between 60 to 80 ft we mostly fished in 100 fow. Landed 3 out of 4 strikes 1 laker, and 2 land locks. The laker and one salmon were 24” the other salmon was 26. Hope that helps.

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  3. Took my Dad out Wednesday just around noon got to our starting spot past the green buoy on the east side just past Union Springs. There is a big drop off of about 50 ft . Look at how the fish stack up along the drop off. We managed a nice rainbow that got away at the boat and this laker from almost the same spot 2 1/2 hours later. All and all a nice day, my dad at 88 still able to get them in.






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  4. There is a planned boat parade Sunday starting at 1pm on Cayuga starting on North End Cayuga Sand Bar headed South at 1PM. It appears to potentially be a large event.
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    Yes it is a Trump boat parade officially titled
    CAYUGA LAKE VOTE RED FLOTILLA could be be well over 100 boats.
    Here is the route:

    We will leave the North end sand bar at approximately 1 pm heading south. For simplicity, and to keep everyone out of weeds, we will stick to the navigation channel. We will head South down the channel towards Union Springs. I know some folks fromHibiscus Harbor plan on joining us when we get in that area, and I know some folks might peel off and head to the cove. My plan is to continue South all the way to Long Point State Park. As we head down the lake everyone stay safe and keep an eye out for anchored vessels and on coming boaters. I think sticking to the channel will keep things simple. The markers are already there for us to follow. It also gives people the opportunity to come and go with the group as needed. I look forward to seeing you all at the sand bar Sunday!

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  5. Yes the USPS Priority mail delivery has gotten really bad as of lately Expected delivery 2-3 days,how about  a week to 10 days. Of course they are blaming it on the Covid.Not much can be done, at least they are still shipping.

    I got my 2 torpedos yesterday. The mailman brought the box right to my door. He said “What’s in here lead?” I said “Yes it is.”

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  6. 8290 Rt.54...Keuka Boat Rentals...just south of Hammondsport...self service

    Dave's Bait and Tackle
    1421 Turnpike Rd, Auburn, NY 13021
    (315) 209-4115

    Have gotten minnows here and the perch seem to love them.

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  7. I could not do that again if I tried. Copy and post the message I am replying to. I It looks just like spoons sold by Walleye Candy. They sell blanks gold hex spoons from 2 1/4 - 3 7/8. Some they paint and tape for sale as well as blanks. They sell on e-bay and are out ofErie PA. I buy blanks and tape them up to use on Cayuga lake. They work well.

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  8. Went out about 12:30 today and fished the west side starting by Burroughs Creek heading south. About 10 minutes in I hook a very big laker get him up to the boat and as I put the net behind him he breaks off the line and disappears with an old hammered Sutton 44.

    I have caught many lakers with these spoons closest thing to them i have found is an evil eye about the same size. So be on the look out for a 10 lb laker with a Sutton in his mouth.



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  9. I am no expert but was told to figure 1 ft down for every 3 ft out on the Dipsys. So 250 ft out would be 83 ft down. I troll at 2.0 - 2.5 mph. I use #50 braided, to Dipsy, snubber and #20 flouro leader 6 ft to a spoon. Oh it is a #1 size Dipsy with a Monster ring that I max to left or right. I have been able to get lakers by Aurora last 2 years.

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